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So I'm the regular movie buff teen who loves horrors and cries during rom-coms. My page says it all

Part of the reason why I was super pumped to see this film after seeing the trailer was because of the awesome Malia J cover of Nirvana's Smells like Teen Spirit but the rest scared me...alot! This Blumhouse Production film promised good scares in a pretty scaring setting accompanied by a a little back story and good old fashioned Chanting to call a spirit (Though in the movie, the character responsible for chanting out "Charlie" the whole time is unaware of the horrifying repercussions.

At first reading about the Gallows could make one roll the eyes as we witness yet another 'Group of Students/Teens/Friends' embark on a trip to some place creepy to do something stupid but this film was pleasantly different.The Cast makes the film more realistic as they have good on screen chemistry and things play out in a dramatic yet realistic and believable way. The movie has so many stereotypes played out but still maintains a feel of originality for me. One douche jock (Ryan) and his cheerleader girlfriend with a visible tan (Cassidy) go with their sweet jock good guy turned Theatre major type (Reese) to tear down a play set and bump into the over enthusiastic theatre Queen (Pheiffer). the four teens soon learn not to mess with the dead and more importantly why you should not visit your school at night kids!

The scares are good and one left me literally gasping and this scare I will not spoil for anyone but it is the one pictured on the movie poster. The end is not what I expected and it left me feeling...well I don't know. All I remember saying at the end after most of the credits rolled was : "That was messed up!"

Good cast ( Realistically young looking for change as opposed to some guy who looks like a NFL player in his twenties and A girl who looks like a Victoria's Secret Model who refuses to retire so decides to still walk the runway well into their thirties. The story is quite generic but beautifully executed and the movie didn't fail in pleasing me. Definitely one of the better horrors of 2015 but than again, It's a Blumhouse Production so I saw that coming.

Yes I didn't mention the guys name more than once as the movie freaked me out that much.


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