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All be it for us to ruin a move for anyone. So, fare WARNING – Spoiler Alert!! If you don't want the new Star Wars film ruined for you do not read any further.

There is less than one week to go for the debut of The Force Awakens, the first new Star Wars movie in over 30 years. The buzz surrounding this next trilogy of the franchise has been so positive that even the most jaded Jedi is swirling with anticipation. Before the theater lines stretch for blocks with rabid Star Wars fans eager to watch a brand new story told. Starting with that famous text crawl into infinite space, we have to ask ourselves something. What are we getting ourselves into, and as fans, are we ready for this? We've had some bad feelings about the plot lines of a few of our favorite characters.

This would be the time to stop reading this! You have been warned.

We think Han Solo “Harrison Ford” will die in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And his death will be the cause, directly or indirectly, by Luke Skywalker “Mark Hamill.”

We are sorry to break this to you but that is one of the theories we have seen floating around the web. We know, your pissed right now! Please don't be pissed at us. We didn't kill him. And it's sad to say that though many theories are out and about “the cloud” this seems to be the one that is the most plausible. Let us explain...

Harrison Ford originally wanted his character to die as far back as The Empire Strikes Back. During the filming of Return of the Jedi. Ford had had enough playing the role of Han Solo. It's been reported that he really wanted his character to go out in a blaze of glory! He tried to convince George Lucas that it would be great to do, and would make for a good story. Having said that, we can easily see him signing up for The Force Awakens under the condition that Han gets killed off in a spectacular fashion. And you know the only way Han can die... is as a hero! We don't know if that will be enough to appease all of the devastated fans?

That brings us to Luke. Where hell is he? Luke is MIA nowhere to be found from any of the promotional materials what so ever! And for a very specific reason! Please reference the article on Mark Hamill's mind blowing plot twist we posted earlier.

Director J.J. Abrams has gone to great lengths to keep Luke Skywalker completely out of all the trailers, posters and TV spots. Yeah we know there has been some references but nothing substantial. It's most likely because any shot or photo of Luke would probably give away something. Like, Luke in a Sith robe. Or maybe Luke in Dark Jedi attire. Luke most likely is missing from the promotional materials because he has gone to the Dark Side!

It's been reported that director J.J. Abrams claimed in a interview the question that led him to accept the job was Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy who asked him: "who is Luke Skywalker?" That is a key puzzle piece in this equation. We know that J.J Abrams is no armature, and is fully capable of killing off a beloved character. And we speculate that if the decision was up to Harrison Ford... well, he would love nothing more than to go out in a blaze of glory...

Okay, so Luke may not kill Han but we thinks he's gonna die! Maybe he will die at the hands of Kylo Ren? That Kylo Ren, he's a Bad Motha Fu*. Shut your mouth! I'm just talkin bout Kylo...

There is much speculation that Kylo Ren “Adam Driver” is a Solo, wait for it... the son of Han and Leia! That would put him directly at odds with his father who seems to have joined up with the rebellion once again. Maybe Kylo is capable of taking out his own father? Could he be that mean of a SOB? Perhaps Han tries to protect his son from Luke, and that could lead to his unfortunate demise?

Rey played by “Daisy Ridley” and Han are definitely related by some means. Come on, she tells BB-8 "I know all about waiting…for my family." and then there is the “Every Generation has a story...” tag. Then there is that dramatic tearful shot in the trailer of Rey crying as if she has lost someone? Who could it be? Maybe the loss of her long lost father? Rey losing the dad she just reconnected with could serve as the motivation that pushes her character through the rest of the trilogy. Of course Rey could be crying about anything. Maybe it's just a bad hair day... as fans we can only hope.

We hate to say it, but Luke killing off Han would be the ultimate event to set into motion the rest of the trilogy. So much story could rise from that. This much is true you can't say we are wrong until the actual movie breaks. Nobody knows for sure. Regardless of what we think, can't we all agree that Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens will be a movie experience like no other. And we believe thanks to JJ. Abrams the experience will beckon us back to the day when we saw the first Star Wars film and said... holy shit! What did I just see! That was the best movie ever! Let's go see it again!

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