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Good afternoon Flash fans, let's kick-off another discussion about our favorite Scarlet Speedster with traditional Flash finesse. Naturally you can expect spoilers... but you know that!

So... can we expect more speedsters in 'The Flash': Season 2?

Since the conclusion of Season 1 those involved with CW's The Flash have been teasing the presence of a few more speedsters, and they're really yet to disappoint! Barely had we stumbled into season two before we were swiftly introduced to Jack Garrick, a.k.a. Earth-2 Flash, along with Zoom lurking behind every metahuman.

But we've now hit the mid-season finale which means it's time for reflection and speculation! What speedsters are we likely to get based on who's been hinted or even introduced to us? Well in the Arrow-Flash crossover Garrick was gifted with a few heartbeats of speed force... okay, that's a good start, but the finale then showed us our first look at Jesse Quick in Earth-1. We've previously seen her in visions, flashbacks and in the occasional scene with Zoom, but she's edging her way into narrative-01.

Let's stay with Jesse Quick for the moment. For those of you who don't know, in the comic books Jesse is the child of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. Simply put, she's a speedster who gains access to her powers by speaking aloud a special speed formula.

We haven't seen or heard of this formula yet, however, Harrison Wells -- her father in The Flash, has recently developed a drug which increases the speed of speedsters: Velocity 9. We've already seen that the drug temporary allowed Jay Garrick to re-access the speed force, so the question is, would it work on a non-speedster and if so, what would the effects be?

It would seem a bit cheap to have a drug which creates speedsters from scratch, on the other hand, I really hope Jesse Quick does become a permanent addition to team-Flash.

Okay, so have Barry, Jay Garrick, Zoom and Jesse Quick, but who else? Well, for those of you who watched the mid-season finale... (turn back now if you didn't)... you'll know that we left The Flash just as Joe and Iris West were meeting their estranged son and brother, respectively, for the first time. This brother is of course, Wally... Wally West... a.k.a. Kid Flash.

So with Wally West coming to The Flash can we expect yet another speedster? Well unlike Jesse Quick, Kid Flash developed his super-speed as a consequence of an accident similar to The Flash, before ultimately replacing Barry Allen altogether.

I'm not suggesting that Wally West will replace Barry Allen on the show, but his origin story could easily fit into the world of The Flash without much suspension of disbelief. In fact, with Barry becoming more of an authoritative speedster and proving his superiority over Jay Garrick, perhaps now is the time for him to take a younger speedster under his wing.

In addition to Barry Allen and Jay Garrick, Jesse Quick and Wally West have now been indoctrinated into the show. So with this in mind, are we likely to get two more speedsters as part of team-Flash?


Do you think we're getting more speedsters on 'The Flash'?


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