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First off, I want to say that the movie was very close to the book. The acting in my opinion wasn't all that bad. In fact, I really thought it was really good, I enoyed it. The stunt work was great! With this series however, I can already tell, putting the stunt work aside, that I probably will not enjoy it after reading this because of all the changes done already in the first episode that goes against the book. For instance, if Clary's first kill is in the bar killing a demon, instead of in her kitchen, then I'm already turned off because that helps set the tone of the book. I understand that things need to be changed so that that fans don't know what's going to end up happening, but I'd rather add a character or two then change minor details that help set the tone of the book, because once you start changing minor things in the book it progresses throughout the series, i.e. The Nine Lives of Chloe King (ruined the books by far, especially the final episode), they changed the books so much that honestly speaking The Nine Lives of Chloe King the TV series should've had a different title and different character names and should never had said that it was based on the books. Was the acting good, yes in fact it was great! But just because the acting and stunt work is great doesn't mean that the TV series that is based on a book will succeed, because otherwise they would've had a second season, instead of just one. If they hadn't changed so much they probably would have. As a True Blood fan that is also based on a book series, they didn't change a lot, added a few characters but they left the tone and everything else in tact; which is probably why they had 7 seasons not just one. But when you change where things in the book takes place, or how the characters look like, or how the characters are from the book, that to me is an issue. That's why I got so ticked off at the 5th Harry Potter movie I even threw popcorn at the screen because they changed what they thought were minor details, i.e. Harry doing magic in front of Dudley's friends (not in the book I might add), which could've changed the rest of the movie, but they chose to leave it alone thank goodness; and no uniforms (also not in the book). These may seem like minor things, but to me it helps set the tone. Anyway, I digress, I will see the first episode, but based upon what I've watched and read I'm skeptical on continuing to watch past that point, but we will see.


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