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The hit TV series and cult classic That '70s Show ended almost 10 years ago, but this weekend the cast of the show confirmed something we all knew to be true: they're still great friends.

It appears the Kelso, Fez and Hyde played by Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderrama and Danny Masterson, haven't quite abandoned their basement drinking antics. The three actors meet up for a beer and bro-union on the weekend and had the courtesy to let us all know about it via Instagram.

Ashton Kutcher shared a picture of him enjoying a beer with Wilmer Valderrama and Danny Masterson on Friday, December 11, with the caption "Fam."

This was shortly followed by a similar post from costar Wilmer Valderrama that read "three woes walk into a bar," definitely setting the bar for squad goals.

In case you don’t remember, That '70s Show was a hilarious sitcom that followed around a group of teenage friends, their mishaps and their coming of age in 1970s Wisconsin.

Ashton, Wilmer, and Danny starred as Michael, Fez and Steven on the Fox comedy from 1998-2006 alongside Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon and Topher Grace who played Jackie, Donna and Eric.

The show gained recognition and cult status for providing a funny, bold retrospective of the significant social milestones of 1970s America: feminism, attitudes to sexuality, the economic crisis and recreational drugs.

It also examined the ups and downs of young relationships... particularly the squabbles between Eric and Donna...

The comedy show was also the meeting place of snogging enthusiasts Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who tied the knot in July this year in California.

Couple on screen turned to real life romance.
Couple on screen turned to real life romance.

Hopefully this little snippet of celebrity socializing will encourage you to join me in a well timed '70s Show binge.

And just in case you need a little extra encouragement, here are the opening credits to get you in the mood!

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