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EndoftheLine (, a creative Mural agency, have released a print of a new painting by East London graffiti artist Jim Vision (

The chaotic painting features characters from the new movie Star Wars : A Force Awakens painted in spray paint and straight up house paint. As a child of the 80's and a massive fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy art this print channels nostalgia as we go back to the way posters used to be, bold, exciting, colourful and full of positivity.

Jim Vision hit the headlines of the Internet when the tribute mural for Terry Pratchett, that he painted with fellow artist Dr Zadok, went viral. Newspapers across the globe shared pictures of the unfinished and uncredited artists work. Fans of Terry Pratchett began to pay their respects, leaving flowers and writing notes in remembrance of one Britain's greatest authors.

Everything moves so quickly, We felt it was important that we stop and celebrate the life of such an incredible author. Terry's satirical fantastical vision helped us deal with the world in front of us. He inspired a generation and should be remembered for his amazing stories. Terry Pratchett we salute you.

Jim Vision

Terry Pratchett Memorial in Shoreditch East London
Terry Pratchett Memorial in Shoreditch East London

Anyone who grew up in the 80's will remember the way film posters used to be, hand painted, raw, exciting. They told you everything you needed to know about the film and helped you make a decision about what to watch in the video store. Drew Struzan still paints awesome posters but they are often overlooked for a digital representation. Nowadays all we get are CGI montages, often with actors head stitched onto someone else's body. It doesn't feel real. They all follow the same format, CGI heavy, trending colour schemes, its as if they want all the film posters to look like each other. So Support your local artist, invest in art, go to a gig, buy their merch direct, cut out the greedy Empire corporations and create the Rebel culture you want to be a part of.

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