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So in the cacophony of trailer madness for 2016 movies that is December, we've yet another that has hit the internet... although this one hasn't quite hit in English!

It looks like a leaked version of the trailer for Star Trek: Beyond, in German, has leaked onto the internet somehow. This means unfortunately we don't yet know what is being said, but there's plenty to see in it!

That looked pretty awesome, no?

So what have we got to look forward to? Well it kind of looks and feels like a much more light-hearted Star Trek film than the first two in the current timeline, with a lot of amusing moments throughout the trailer, however we can also see what appears to be a totally new race of aliens in there, with one female kicking ass all around and a male (I think) as a villainous character. It's hard to tell with all of that make-up on whether or not it's Idris Elba, who is said to be playing the main villain this time around, but whoever he is he's looking pretty bad-ass!

You should be able to catch the full trailer for Star Trek: Beyond along with some other awesome trailers when you all go to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens this week!


What was your favourite part in the trailer?


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