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The week was the penultimate episode for Season 1 of AMC's Into the Badlands, and to be honest it seemed as though things had quietened down in the Badlands compared to some of the scenes we've seen in weeks prior. But with one episode to go before the premiere season of the show is done, I have a sneaking suspicion the writers are just lulling us into a false sense of security before pulling out all the stops in the finale.

This episode we saw some progress being made into finding out a bit more about Azra thanks to that strange book. Quinn's health also continued to fail, but despite his headaches, he proved he was still conniving when he continued to try weaken Sunny and Veil's relationship, lying about the death of Veil's parents and Sunny's involvement. And while Quinn was scheming, so was his son Ryder who went to his grandfather to seek information about M.K.'s pendant.

But in between all of that there was still the badass action scenes that we've come to expect from this series. Checkout the top action scenes from episode 5 of Into the Badlands, 'Snake Creeps Down.'

1. Sunny and M.K.'s dream time spar

The episode started out with what looked like a training session between M.K. and Sunny, with the Clipper pushing the Colt to psychical and mental limits. But while it looked like a standard training session, things quickly turned when M.K. turned on Sunny and overpowers him thanks to his mysterious powers. But, just as it looks like Sunny might be falling to his death from the walls of Quinn's fort, Sunny snaps awake. Phew.

2. Tilda's psych-out

After M.K. and Tilda meet in the forest, Sunny comes across the pair and takes her as a prisoner. However before they return to the Fort, one of the Colts oversteps his mark and tries to intimidate Tilda into giving up information about the Widow. Unfortunately for him, Tilda is the smarter of the pair, and he ends up coming out of the confrontation down a chunk of earlobe.

3. Sunny and the Widow's sword showdown

After taking Tilda back to the Fort her mother, The Widow comes looking for her and boy does she put up a fight trying to free her daughter. After first engaging in a sword fight with Sunny, there's all sorts of amazing moves, including the Widow being kicked through a brick wall. However not one to bow out of a fight, she soon acquires new weapons in the form of two morning stars conveniently placed on the wall.

The fight then continues, with the morning stars taking out Sunny's sword and him having to make use of a shield. For the third round, the pair shed both the shield and morning stars and pick up some gnarly looking blades and something that resembled a crowbar sword, the fight, is as always a thing of violent elegance. Unfortunately though, Sunny is unable to take down the Widow, even when he starts fighting the fiery red head with literal fire due to M.K. distracting the two, and allowing the Widow and Tilda to get away.

4. M.K.'s rage black out

The final part of the awesome action in 'Snake Creeps Down' has to be M.K. going dark in the final moments of the episode. We've now seen the young Colt utilizing his powers a handful of times, though it was only earlier in episode 5 that the Widow revealed that M.K. will lose more and more of his life force every time he is cut. This time M.K. chose to use his powers to stop the earlobe-less Colt from harming Tilda, flinging him into a spiked wall by just raising a palm. While it was a pretty cool scene, unfortunately for M.K., it looked as thought Quinn probably spied the whole showdown in the cells, meaning the season finale could be one hell of a episode for the mystery boy.

The season finale for 'Into the Badlands' will air next Sunday on AMC.

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