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Australian teenager Olivia might share a name with Taylor Swift's cat, but she also might just have eclipsed the 'Scottish Fold' sensation in fame thanks to the fact that she basically shares a face with the 26-year-old singer.

In fact, the 19-year-old from Sydney looks so much like TSwizz that she has even been mobbed by fans at a concert mistaking her for the star, although she was happy to pose for photos!

Olivia, who said the comparisons with Swift started when she highlighted her previously brunette hair, told Buzzfeed news that:

"It took us an hour to walk a ten minute trip because once I stopped for one photo, 20 others would ask. It was crazy."

And it's easy to understand why so many people were confused because even close up shots of Olivia warrant a double take.

You'll be pleased to know that, like any true Taylor Swift fan, Olivia is totally down with the now infamous (and even hilarious) joke.

Olivia recently got the chance to meet Swift in person after the singer spotted her on Tumblr, and the biggest difference between the pair was definitely height, as you can see from the snap below:

In an interview with Buzzfeed, the teenager also revealed how Taylor's music has helped her to get through the tragic passing of her mother from uterine cancer just a couple of months ago, she explained:

"I wanted to thank her for everything she’s done and tell her that her song “The Best Day” helped me through my mum’s passing this October from uterine cancer and she quickly lit up and said ‘I saw your post on Tumblr! That’s why you’re here! I’m so, so, sorry you had to go through that and I’m sorry I couldn’t play that song.’.I just couldn’t believe she was real and it was all a haze and so quick, and her people rushed us along for a photo.”

Now that she is attracting so much attention, Olivia is determined to use her time in the spotlight for the power of good and hopes to raise awareness about cancer screening for women, she captioned the video of her above with the following message:

"I'm on the Cosmo, Daily Mail, People Magazine websites and it just keeps coming! I'm so glad I can raise awareness for Uterine and Endometrial Cancers on such a large scale because it's hardly talked about and I'm just so damn happy!"

Isn't it amazing how such a coincidental resemblance has led to something so positive?

(Source: Buzzfeed via Instagram)


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