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Fans of Godzilla will be waiting until 2018 before the American sequel to last year's blockbuster finally reaches theaters, but there's another movie coming out that could fit the bill in the meantime.

That movie is Hideaki Anno's Godzilla Resurgence (co-directed by Shinji Higuchi), and it's being made by Toho, the Japanese company that originated the now-iconic creature. The title is particularly fitting, as Toho is attempting to breathe new life into this franchise for an anticipated resurgence.

Godzilla Resurgence may not be rampaging through Japan's cinemas until July 29, 2016, but we have gotten our first look at the new incarnation of a tried-and-true creature feature.

The poster teases an old-fashioned monster

The whole layout of the poster harkens back to the early days of these monster movies, which featured just as much commentary about nuclear destruction as they did thrill with city-wide devastation.

In terms of special effects, the movie will employ a hybrid technique that uses both computer graphics and a practical towering doll, a feat which has never been used on Godzilla in Japan, according to co-director Higuchi.

In addition to the poster, Toho also released a short little trailer.

The teaser trailer is all sorts of pandemonium

But sadly it doesn't feature even a glimpse of Godzilla itself. Even without a sight of the domineering goliath, we can tell that he'll be wreaking his usual amount of havoc while local residents are left to flee and scream. feels (and sounds) just like old times.

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