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We're in the golden age of superhero comic book adaptations, with an ever-increasing range of characters making their way from paper to the screen. Gwen Stacy from Earth-65 is no exception; have a look below at Hendo Art cosplay, as she brings Spider-Gwen to life with the help of Nelsphotos.

1. Hanging around

It could be a shot straight out of the comic books.

2. Chilling with Spider-Man

Spider-Gwen with her counterpart – Spider-Man ('Sonicspiderman').

3. "I just... I thought I had lost you"

Hendo Art includes more than just poses. Here we see an emotional moment which could easily play out on screen.

4. Spider-Man and Gwen as... Reindeer?

I suppose even superheroes need a little Christmas spirit.

5. Onward!

Oh, but relaxation is over. Time for some merry ass-kicking.

6. Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen, posing

That's not a team-up I'd mind seeing on screen!

7. Happy Gwensday!

A classic Spider-Gwen pose!

8. "But the beat goes on"

She can knock out a villain or a good drum beat.

9. Full-body shot

A shot of the full suit; impressive work by Hendo Art.

10. Casually waiting

Nothing out of the ordinary... just waiting.

11. Gwen with Parker

And there you see the woman behind the mask!

I definitely recommend you have a look at more of Hendo Art's incredible cosplay. Also, check out more work by Nelsphotos and Sonicspiderman.


What do you think of Hendo Art's Spider-Gwen cosplay?

(Source: Fashionablygeek, Hendoart, Nelsphotos.)


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