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Sometimes it's not enough to simply kill your enemy, but instead more appropriate (and satisfying) to maim and/or extract every last shred of dignity from them before swiftly putting an end to their life.

The following tools of destruction offer the most innovative, bizarre and over the top murder methods, be it death by dildo or obliteration via unicorn fart...

8. The Dubstep Gun

From: Saints Row IV

Back in the early 2010s dubstep ruled the airwaves, establishing itself as the go-to soundtrack backing anything from sports promos to movie trailers. Capitalizing on the genre's popularity, Volition took dubstep to the streets of Stillwater in the form of this dub-emitting ghetto blaster and created one of the most delightfully dumb weapons to ever grace a video game.

7. Groovitron glove

From: Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction

The Ratchet and Clank series has become famous for its absurd array of inspired weaponry, but Insomniac truly outdid themselves with the Groovitron. Why eviscerate your enemies when you can force them to dance for your own amusement?

6. Mr. Toots

From: Red Faction: Armageddon

A unicorn that fires rainbow-colored farts from its fluffy anus. 'Nuff said.

5. Keyblade

From: Kingdom Hearts

Unlock your ass-kicking potential with a key that doubles as a sword! You might wonder what kind of oversized door the aptly named Keyblade was intended for. Then again, there isn't much time for these kinds of nitpicky reflections when you're BASHING PEOPLE'S SKULLS IN WITH A KEY.

4. Nevan

From: Devil May Cry 3

Guitars that play rippin' solos are cool, but guitars that decapitate enemies and fire electrified bats that will quite literally melt your face are even cooler.

3. Gunblade

From: Final Fantasy VIII

The imaginatively named Gunblade does exactly what you think, but that doesn't make this inspired hybrid weapon any less awesome.

2. Drill Bucket

From: Dead Rising 2

What do you get when you combine an electric drill with an empty bucket? Why a drill bucket of course! Now combine this tool of DIY destruction with a zombie's head and presto! You've got yourself a brain-splattered bloodbath.

1. The Penetrator

From: Saints Row: The Third

Known for its gleefully juvenile sense of humor, the Saints Row series has never been a fan of subtlety. Case in point: this oversized pink dildo bat designed for leathering faces with latex. Effective and deeply humiliating.


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