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Christmas is nearly upon us and it's that time of year where you end up making some extra cash. You're probably wondering what to spend it on and the first idea you might conjure up is a nice, value-for-money, video game. Well, if Battlefront is that game you may want to think twice. I pre-ordered [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021), I paid the whole €75.00 and then... I traded it in, after just over a week and bought Fallout 4. Let me tell you why Battlefront disappointed me and the few things it got right.

Thing's it got right:

1. The Sound

The sound in this game is absolutely spectacular! You immediately feel totally immersed in the world of Star Wars (originals to be exact) and you just can't help but to squeal every time you hear a laser blaster hit against a personal shield. This initial excitement wears off in time, but for the first few games, it's insanely cool.

2. The visuals

The second and final thing they got spot on, is the superb visuals. The moment I entered a game at first and saw the blisteringly snowy Hoth in all its glory, I was really blown away. When I was on the planet, Endor, I looked down an a puddle and saw the reflection of my Lightsaber in the water and I thought to myself, "This is the coolest thing I've ever witnessed". But, unfortunately, much like the sound aspect of the game losing its appeal, so did the visuals. Of course they were amazing a week after I played, but you soon realize that the visuals are a cover-up for the gameplay flaws, which is the main ingredient in a good game.

Things it got wrong:

1. No story mode?!

The potential for a good story mode in this game is absolutely colossal. Fans would have been ecstatic to play a co-op Star Wars story mode where you venture to the different planets, utilizing some sweet cut-scenes and some killer boss-fights. EA had other plans, and instead we got some boring as hell, lame, missions I guess you could call them? They are basically just like online multiplayer without the online. The survival mode is nothing new either and I played it once to get my fill of the mode. As well as no story mode, they also took out Galactic Conquest, one of the best modes in Battlefront 2 (Playstation 2).

2. Lack of maps

There are about 3 decent game modes in this game and 2 of which ('Supremacy' and 'Walker Assault') only have 4 maps! For an online only game, there is no justification in putting in 4 maps. If there was a single-player mode I would totally understand where their time went, but for an online only game that is ridiculous. I can only assume that they spent 78% of their time on sound and visuals and then said to themselves "Wait, don't we need to make a game too?"

3. Customization is just lame

If you have this game, then you know how bad the customization is. The options are so bland and not individual to your own preference or personality. The options are basically different ethnicity's that each have about 4 different hair-styles (which are all the same). As for the weapons, there are only 11 weapons in the whole game, most of which feel the exact same! I say bring back the class based system in Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the PS2.

4. Season pass rip off

Most of the bad things about this game I did in fact know before I pre-ordered the game, but I must have just been too naive to accept that this game was going to be poor. I thought that paying my full price, for an online only game, would give me all the content that was humanely possible. Oh my bad, I forget this is EA. They decide to charge $49.99 (same in Euro) for a Season Pass with only 4 extra maps and some new game modes, seriously!? How can they get away with that sort of thing! People need to retaliate and just not buy that pass and maybe next game will actually be properly made.

5. Boring

The main reason I traded in this game, is because honestly, I got pretty bored. The replay ability isn't impressive and I was saddened to be bored of the game after one measly week. On day one I was so excited, I was thinking to myself "I'm going to be a level 50 in 4 months time, easily." Little did I know that within a month, I would have had my time in the game done at roughly 18 hours. There was nothing left for me to do, I had my slice of the game.

As sad as it is, there was the glimmer of good to come out of this purchase and that was I got Fallout 4 out of the same money, which was total value for money. I couldn't recommend it more to you fellow gamers out there. I adore Star Wars and you probably do too, but that doesn't mean you're obliged to get this game. Instead get one of these value-for-money games: Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid 5, The Witcher, Bloodbourne and even Black Ops 3.

Merry Christmas everybody and enjoy your season of gaming!


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