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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Star Wars: Battlefront is a perfect oddity, as in how it manages to blend some of the best sound design and visuals I've experienced in a game with some utterly bland gameplay, wrapped up in the all encompassing blanket of nostalgia. I adore and am frustrated by it in equal abandon.

But saying that, there is nothing better than tearing across the skies of Hoth, chasing down that swear inducing TIE Interceptor that has been hounding you for the majority of the session, and finally taking the bastard down.

Now imagine being able to pull that off in a mod that renders 4K/60 frames per second visuals that are so resoundingly sublime, it's literally as if you've slipped into an Anthology movie? Sounds awesome right? Welcome to Star Wars: Battlefront's "real life" mod:

YouTuber jackfrags threw together this shockingly realistic video by modifying SweetFX, a shader injection mod, to make SW:B look as wondrous as it does by tinkering with post-production effects like anti-aliasing amongst others.

So kick back, relax and check out the above video in its full 4K glory. If you have access to a 4K monitor and outrageous bandwidth of course. If not, it's still proper nice I promise!

(Source: YouTube)


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