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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Of all of the shocking moments in five seasons of American Horror Story, there was one scene that eclipsed them all. Here's an animated reminder of that moment...

Ill-fated junkie Gabriel falls afoul of a waxen, drill-bit strap-on-wearing creature known as the Addiction Demon. The scene in which the demon ruthlessly sodomizes Gabriel was hard to watch, and certainly made the first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel memorable.

Still, every on-screen villain has to be played by a regular actor, so here's an interesting little bit of trivia for fans - check out what the Addiction Demon looks like under the make-up...

The actor's name is Mark Steger, and he performed the part in one episode. He's played a number of frightening characters before, including the creepy dude in The Pact, Chupacabra in Indigenous, one of the infected in I Am Legend and even the demon Tobi in Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. Actor Alexander Ward was the one who originally played the role of the Addiction Demon.

Really, though, I've seen him in the movies listed above but nothing is quite as terrifying as the drill-bit strap-on dildo guy. Nothing.

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy states that the waxen demon is a metaphor - albeit a rather heavy-handed one:

"He is a representation of that and what people go through fighting addiction. It’s not done lightly or blithely. I think it’s very powerful and strong."

A similar creature featured in an early promo for American Horror Story: Hotel entitled 'Do Not Disturb':

If you've wondered what became of the Addiction Demon after the first couple of episodes - and you've seen up to and including episode 10, 'She Gets Revenge' - you may want to check out this article on what's to come on American Horror Story: Hotel.

Source: IMDB, FX


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