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Fans of the original movie Independence Day can rejoice after the trailer for the second movie,Independence Day Resurgence, has been released.

Independence Day came out in 1996 and movie makers are set to release the second movie Independence Day Resurgence on the 20 year anniversary of the first.

Since the first time I watched Independence Day I always hoped that there would be a second movie. And now 20 years later we finally get it!

If you have not seen the original( really?) then watch it before you see the second as there are some geeky little nods in the second movie to the original. The original was based on a very simple concept that Aliens come across the galaxy and start destroying cities around the world. The heroes- Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum- use a simple computer virus to bring down the alien spacecraft.

And in Independence Day: Resurgence humanity will once again be fighting for it's survival and for mankind's Independence!

With a great cast and a successful first movie , Independence Day Resurgence is set to be a big hit at the box office next summer when it is released!

Jeff Goldblum returns as David Levinson

Bill Pullman returns as President Whitmore

Micheal Fichtner as General Adams

And the trailer gives us a glimpse of some of the characters that are in it and the premise of the movie.

Check out the trailer below!

Are you looking forward to this movie? What do you hope to see featured in the movie? Who would you like to see return? Let me know in the comments section below. Until next time folks-Ciao!




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