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It's here! After the first trailer for Star Trek: Beyond leaked earlier today in German, we knew it was a matter of hours before an English language version came out, and it's here, and the dialogue gives away a lot more than the images do!

Now, while this is seriously amazing stuff, we've got to calm down for a moment and take a look at the big reveals in this trailer. Let's take a minute to go over some of the key moments in the film!

Chris Pine Sounds A Lot Like Shatner!

Is Chris Pine turning his Kirk into one much more reminiscent of the original William Shatner version? From certain parts in this trailer, it certainly sounds like it!

The Enterprise is... Gone?

We can see the Enterprise breaking up in the trailer, and Kirk speaks over it saying, "We have no ship. No crew. How are we gonna get out of this one?" It sounds as if something has gone terribly wrong as they begin their five year mission, and now the entire crew is stranded on a planet, spread out over the surface!

Looks like some are on their own...

Some are together, but injured...

And a whole lot of them have been captured!

The crew of the lost Enterprise are broken, spread out and in big, big trouble.
But from who?

Idris Elba's Villain Looks Awesome!

Judging from the voiceover by Elba, we can assume that this is him, although he's looking quite different indeed! The voiceover already makes me scared of this villain though: "This is where it begins Captain. This is where the frontier pushes back."

There's also a new leading lady?

Presumably this is Sofia Boutella, who doesn't have a character name yet, but she looks important to the story. Basically, we've got the whole crew stranded on a planet, where Idris Elba's character is going to try and capture them all, but of course, this is difficult since they're so spread out across the planet. Then this female alien enters and helps the Enterprise crew. Fortunately for them...

There is another ship!

Or so we can only assume, since throughout the trailer Kirk, the female alien and Spock are all beamed up to a ship of some kind, and it is surely after the Enterprise is destroyed. Looks like we'll be getting a Mexican stand-off between some of the crew on the ship and the aliens on the planet for the fate of the majority of the crew. Don't expect this to be solely based on the alien planet though... because it appears very much like:

Part of the film takes place on Earth?

Judging from the fact that these people look human, aren't in Starfleet uniform, and the big city is nothing like the other shots of the foreign planet, this is likely to be Earth. Could the frontier really be pushing back? I'm not entirely sure yet what to expect from this film, but one thing we CAN expect is for Bones to keep getting annoyed!

Thanks for reading guys! There's a whole lot of awesome to come from this film, but what's going to be the best bit?


What was your favorite moment from the trailer?


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