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It's weird to think that a brand new Star Wars film is just days away from release. Ever since Disney purchased the rights to the franchise back in 2012, every fan and their mother has been waiting with bated breath for the first installment of a new era of Star Wars. As they crossed the days off their calendar, many fans took to the internet to voice their thoughts on what we might see. Ranging from "Chewbacca wears pants," to "It's just three trailers and a marketing campaign," the web has been flooded with theories.

And so, as a final parting gift before the movie hits at the end of the week, I've decided to compile a list of some of the best theories that have sprouted over the last couple of years. Some are outrageous. Some have already been disproved. And some may just be credible.


1. Luke is Kylo Ren

Never say never, but this one has more-or-less been debunked by the more recent trailers. When the lack of anything remotely Luke Skywalker related in the trailers caught the attention of the fans, this was just one of many theories that appeared.

The evidence found, although ultimately false, did seem pretty convincing though. I mean, both of them have a habit of building custom lightsabers, they both have a similar fashion sense and both idolize the fallen Darth Vader. While the chances have dropped dramatically, there's always the possibility that JJ Abrams has in fact sent us on one long wild bantha chase after all.

Odds: 1/10

2. Rey and Kylo are the Solo Twins Reimagined

When it comes to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, fans are somewhat divided. While some heralded its rejection as a new era, others held on for dear life and refused to accept anything different. While some aspects, such as anything Old Republic related, are still salvageable, the story of Jacen and Jaina Solo is pretty much gone.

As a result, many fans looked for hope in the new trilogy, praying that some remnant of these stories still existed. And thus, the Kylo/Rey theory was born. While all it has to stand on is the likenesses of the actors to the previous generations, many have gotten behind this theory as it also carries an excellent plot with it.

Odds: 6/10

3. Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plagueis

After a recent leaked image supposedly showed us a glimpse of Supreme Leader Snoke, the Darth Plagueis theories began to appear again. Snoke is believed to be a Muun, the same species as Plagueis. While it's said he was murdered nearly seventy years before the events of The Force Awakens, there's actually a fair amount of evidence behind this one.

For one, the Awakening Snoke speaks of could be referring to his own awakening from The Force, having discovered the ability to cheat death. Additionally, a lot of telltale signs, such as Rey's staff, point to Plagueis still being relevant somehow. While it may be a long shot, introducing the main villain of the new trilogy as the Sith Lord who trained Palpatine would be an awesome twist that would seriously raise the stakes.

Odds: 4/10

4. Luke is Neither Good nor Evil

While many theorized that Luke had tragically followed his father and fallen to the dark side, others believed that a much happier, but equally distressing fate had met our hero. As the son of the most powerful Jedi to ever exist, Luke's force levels are dangerously high. As a result, he's transcended the separation between light and dark and become one in balance with The Force.

This is one of the more plausible theories out there right now. Not only does it explain Luke's exile, it gives the character a fitting arc and follows on naturally from the end of Return of the Jedi without destroying Luke's journey through the original trilogy.

Odds: 8/10

5. Han Solo Dies

Han Solo's tragic demise at the end of The Force Awakens has long been speculated by pretty much everyone. While no hard evidence exists, there's a lot of subtle hints that suggest our favorite cocky nerfherder may have run out of luck.

For one, it was always the dream of producer Gary Kurtz and Harrison Ford himself that Han should die in the end. Ford wanted it sooner rather than later in The Empire Strikes Back while Kurtz was happy to leave it until Return of the Jedi. However, Kurtz left development of Jedi and Ford's death scene never made the cut. It only seems right that Solo's story is given closure after all he's been through.

Odds: 8/10

6. Lor San Tekka is Kanan Jarrus

Max Von Sydow's character, Lor San Tekka, has been a real mystery for the fans. Having appeared in no promotional material for the film, many would write off his character as irrelevant to the plot but JJ has made it clear Tekka is a key player in this story. It's also been hinted that he's someone we've met before. While everyone's favorite Mandalorian bounty hunter, Boba Fett, springs to mind, the new canon is yet to establish that he's still alive and kicking (aside from a brief mention in Chuck Wendig's Aftermath). Aside from Fett, the next best guess is Kanan Jarrus, the hero of Star Wars: Rebels.

From the comics it's known that Kanan has gone bby many names and by the time Kylo Ren and The First Order start attacking, he'd be around the same age as Max Von Sydow is now. He'd also be the perfect choice to watch over Rey if she is Leia's force sensitive daughter. While unlikely, it'd be nice to see the animated series connect with the movies. And maybe, if we ask really nicely, it could lead to a live action Rebels anthology movie.

Odds: 3/10

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theatres across the world this week and hopefully all our questions will finally be answered. Maybe some of these theories will come true. Maybe they're all garbage. Who knows? Check back once you've seen the movie and we'll find out together.


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