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J Law is Katniss in real life and her response to possible 'Hunger Games' prequels proves it!

Lionsgate recently announced that they plan to never let The Hunger Games films go into the night peacefully. Instead they plan to carry on their success with prequels to the books and films detailing experiences in some of the first arenas of Panem. This, however, was met with much dismay from fans, who felt it was a move that President Snow and the very Capitol in the books would make themselves. More films about children forced to kill other children, just to bring in more audiences and make more money off an already HUGELY successful and very concluded series is not the most ethical decision. Though, there are fans who would be excited by the possibility of seeing Haymitch, and even Finnick's Hunger Games stories long before Katniss became the Mockingjay.

One person, who has until now stayed quiet on the prequels. Many wondered what Katniss herself would think of these prequels, and more importantly, would the girl on fire be involved? Jennifer Lawrence recently spoke to Variety on the possibility and had a very harsh words to say, leaving no room for mistaking how she feels about the Hunger Games films extending beyond the original four:

“I wouldn’t be involved,” Lawrence told Variety during the premiere of her new film, “Joy.” “I think it’s too soon. They’ve got to let the body get cold, in my opinion.”

And just like that Jennifer shoots an arrow right through the heart of Hunger Games prequel possibilities!

She was like...


and then...

By "body" could she be referring to *SPOILER* Prim's?

Well there is no way to misinterpret her opinion on the matter regardless! Jennifer clearly isn't pleased with the idea and she has no intentions of getting involved either! Truthfully, I'm on Jennifer's side, there is just no way that making more Hunger Games films. Lionsgate is definitely going little far, and the past arenas would just be young children killing each other again, which was hard enough to watch as it is! Making more films could compromise the true message of the books and films.

Jennifer is right, it's too soon! Hunger Games fans just said goodbye to their beloved characters. Mockingjay Part 2 did a really great job of tying up loose ends and giving a feeling of satisfaction and finality to the series. Even author Suzanne Collins said it was time for her to leave the world of Panem in an open letter to the fans as the last film hit theaters. I'm happy with the films as they are, and I think Jennifer was right to speak up about this and share her opinion! She has carried those films for the past 5 years and they mean a lot to her, as they do to the fans. Neither wants anything to taint them.


Do you think they should make more Hunger Games films?


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