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US Marine Veteran, Late Night Horror TV Show Actress, Sometimes Cosplayer. Internationally published alternative Model, you will find me bot

With only a few days away I've started calculating hours and minutes until "The Force Awakens" I have even debated deleting social media for the week just in case I get the draft coming in of spoilers.

For an uber fan of Star Wars this last year has been great so much new and re released merchandise. My wallet likes to beg the differ. But at least I'm easy to shop for during the holidays.

What a year!! I got to talk with MF Billy Dee Williams at my favorite Santa Rosa Toy Con. Also Andrew C Nelson who has done work as Darth Vader. Note... He once said he was praying for me. Haaaa

If you haven't noticed the picture below/attached to this good for you lol.

Surprise that is actually me. Photo shot by Robert Alvarado

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