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A more recent Christmas movie that charms the heart with the comic dysfunction of the Claus family and an unlikely hero sure to get you into the Christmas spirit.


Arthur Christmas is a movie about Santa Claus’ son, Arthur. Arthur works in the North Pole’s letter department taking care to respond personally to every letter that Santa receives. While the high-tech-gift-delivering operation is being carefully run by his older brother, Steve, Arthur watches from the family’s TV with Grand Santa (Santa’s father who has regretfully retired from his position of being the big man himself). Everything seems to run smoothly until Santa returns without passing the title to Steve to whom it’s now overdue. We then see that Santa, Grand Santa and Steve all have dibs on being Santa. When it’s realized that a child was missed during the mission, Arthur must find a way to get Santa to deliver her gift in 2 hours.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (No seriously – sometimes it gets ugly.)

This movie is so much better than the trailer lets on, so you’re just gonna have to trust me and watch it.

I think it’s biggest success is the character of Arthur. He is played by James McAvoy whom we all know and love, but what’s even better, is his character traits that are the heart beat of the film.

Arthur is so excited and passionate about Christmas. Even though, having grown up at the North Pole and being related to Santa, He should be absolutely sick of it by now. But he isn’t. He is still as joyful as he would’ve been had he just been introduced to the holiday. This is so inspiring because losing our first love is first nature to mankind. Things wear out. They get old. Our tastes change. But some things, we must never stop loving (God for instance).

It was also so awesome to watch Arthur care for each child that he wrote to. While Santa and Steve consider the missed child an error or mistake, Arthur sees her as important as if every child had been missed. That is the love we should have for each other. That is the love God has for us.

The entire movie is also hilarious. Grand Santa and his old reindeer keep the movie light and fun. This film is a great generation bridging film. It’s entertaining for kids but it still has plenty of clever quips aimed at the adults in the audience.

It really has a childish sort of awe and magic – the same sort of thing you’d see in Peter Pan or The Legend of the Guardians. (Which basically means… Zero loves it.)

Case File (Content Advisory)

There is pretty much nothing to worry about in this movie. Grand Santa once mentions a drunk elf (rather quickly and in passing – The-Doctor-talking-fast style) and another time he recommends putting a dab of whisky on a child’s lips to make them fall asleep (this is meant to be humorous and is obviously not heeded by the other characters).

Final Thoughts

Overall, this movie is the best remedy for feeling out of the Christmas spirit. (Seriously, I was feeling not so sure about the Christmas music invading the radio, but now… I’m feeling much more welcoming to the season.)

It’s a classic! Because I said so.


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