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Twister was truly a groundbreaking film in its time! Released in 1996, it's full of gigantic CGI F-5 tornadoes that pushed the limits of film special effects to the brim, and succeeded. Directed by Speed 's Jan DeBont, and written and produced by Jurrassic Park's Michael Crichton, Twister follows a team of storm chasers as they drive straight into one of the biggest tornado outbreaks of the century!

There is as much drama on the ground though as there is in the sky with two of said chasers, Jo and Bill Harding, mid-divorce and Bill's new fiancé involuntarily along for the ride. Jo (Helen Hunt), Bill (Bill Paxton), and Dusty (the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman) drove the film's earnings to over 500 million worldwide and an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects! The film launched the world into a collective fascination over tornadoes and the people who risk their lives to understand nature at it's core!

So where are our favorite storm chasers now?

Helen Hunt - Jo

Our fearless leader is now a mother in real life and is still out there in the acting game! She went on to win an Oscar for her role in As Good As It Gets with Jack Nicholson, and star in hit films like Pay It Forward and What Women Want! Her most recent acclaimed project was 2012's Sessions in which she starred opposite John Hawkes as a sex surrogate. More recently she wrote, directed, and starred in the film Ride where she plays a mother who travels across country to be with his son as he follows his dreams of becoming a surfer, and is slated to star opposite Dakota Fanning in 2016's Please Stand By.

Bill Paxton - Bill

Oh Bill Paxton! One of my favorite actors. If you know him from nothing else since Twister, you certainly will from HBO's Big Love where he starred as a polygamist Mormon trying to raise his big family. Surely though, you remember him from his second biggest role ever in Titanic as the man who finally finds the heart of the ocean! Bill's career has been hugely successful since his chasing days, and most recently he guest starred in Marvel's hit Agents of Shield for a few episodes. Bill has 5 upcoming films over the next year so we won't be seeing any less of him soon, which I am very happy about!

Cary Elwes - Dr. Jonas Miller

The villainous storm chaser who met a fitting fate in Twister has been busy since the film blew through theaters! He went on to star opposite Jim Carey in Liar Liar, do a multitude of superhero voice-over roles, and has four films due out in 2016 alone! The actor, once prince charming in the Princess Bride, has had no trouble staying a working actor, and dang he still looks good!

Phillip Seymour Hoffman - Dusty

As most people know, Phillip Seymour Hoffman tragically passed away form an overdose in 2014. After Twister, Phillip went on to the best part of his career with Oscar nominations and starring in films such as Capote, the Mission Impossible franchise, and The Hunger Games films. Phillip's role as the eclectic and energetic storm chaser Dusty was a fan favorite, and is recognized as one of his best.

Jami Gertz - Melissa

Jami was fantastic as the uptight therapist threatening Jo and Bill's failing marriage, but Jami herself sure didn't have to worry about a failing career after Twister! You may have seen her in the past co-starring on hit shows such as ER and Ally McBeal, and then leading the hit sitcom Still Standing . More recently, she has had stints on TV in Modern Family and ABC's The Neighbors.

Alan Ruck - Rabbit

Rabbit is wise! Alan went on to star in the HUGELY successful sitcom Spin City as Stuart opposite Michael J Fox! He also appeared in Scrubs, CSI, NCIS, and more recently, in the new thriller The Whispers (which I'm totally digging!).

Lois Smith - Meg

Aunt Meg was everyone's favorite Aunt, and she stayed just as sweet in one of her biggest roles since Twister as Sookie's beloved grandmother in True Blood! Most recently, she appeared in the acclaimed political thriller series The Americans!

Sean Whalen - Allan

Sean is one of those actors with a distinct face and acting style, so you definitely probably remember him from some of his biggest roles since Twister, like in Jersey Boys, Constantine, and even Lost! The fast talking member of team Dorthy seems to be keeping busy with three films that were released in 2015 and another on the way listed for 2016!

Todd Field - Beltzer

While much of the other cast seems to still be working, Todd seems to have left Hollywood behind. With a few roles after Twister like in Tom Cruise's Eyes Wide Shut. His IMDB suggests he hasn't starred in anything since 2005.

Scott Thomson - Preacher

Infamously known as the guy who got his head split open by a rim, Scott went on to have small roles in films such as Jack Frost, Clueless, True Blood, and back again with co-star Bill Paxton in HBO's Big Love! Scott's IMDB has him slated from a film releasing in 2016 so he is definitely still in the biz and looking good!

Joey Slotnick - Joey

Joey has been busy in the TV world, starring in shows such as Nip/Tuck and also voicing various characters on Family Guy! You also may have seen him appear in episodes of The Office, Pushing Daisies, and most recently, The Good Wife. Joey appeared off Broadway last year and continues to work in theater!

Wendle Josepher - Haynes

The only other woman on team Dorthy, Haynes was tough and fearless, keeping the guys in line! In real life Wendle is still in the Hollywood world with some fun notable roles since her Twister days! She had a small role in the WB's (now the CW) alien drama Roswell, and also appeared in an episode of Weeds and most recently Glee!

Jeremy Davies - Laurence

Jeremy's IMDB has a long list of work since his days chasing storms! He is well and working with having starred in the recently canceled Constantine series. He also starred in Saving Private Ryan, Lost, and as Charles Manson in TV's Helter Skelter! In case you don't remember, Joey was on team Dorthy and was the one Helen Hunt had to pull out of a truck before the huge F-5 twister hit the drive-in!

Well how's that for nostalgia? 2016 will mark the 20th anniversary of the whirlwind blockbuster (yes, it's really been 20 years!) and it's insane to see how much the cast has changed. While I'm happy to see most of the cast is still working, it's tough to deal with those we've lost as well. Twister is an iconic film that will ALWAYS be one of my personal favorites. It showed us the dark side of nature up close and personal and took us on a wild ride we'd never forget!

Also, did anyone else want a red Dodge Ram like nobody's business after seeing 'Twister'? I mean, I still do.


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