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Jash Kol-Ze

Star Wars is my second biggest fandom and so when a new movie in the series comes out I get super excited. All my fangasms are directed to the latest installment. I admit one of the few reasons I am allowing myself to feel so much excitement is because J.J.Abrams is directing.

Fringe was an awesome show that deserved many more seasons and the Star Trek reboots are great. Into Darkness...couldn't you have kept the naked Cumberbatch shower scene? Equality plus he looks good with water coming down him.

Just saying.

I admit right now I am just riding the wave and if the movie fails, I'll ride that wave too. If it does awesome, I'll see it many more times.

In short: I'm excited because a new Star Wars movie is coming out and I just adore feeling this happy!

Oh, if you're going to opening night I'm willing to either fly out of state, hide in a bag, or dress up as an Ewok to see it with you.

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