ByGeorgian Stanescu, writer at
Ive' seen EVERY Marvel Comic film. Love em to bits. Seen the MULTIPLE times.
Georgian Stanescu

Not bad a movie. You will most certainly be entertained with Conchata Farrell's comic action like one line was fantastic. "I haven't been this hungover since the Pope died",. We all got a great laugh from this. She bring's her Two and A Half Men character onto the big screen. The genre of teh movie is Horror/Comedy. The visual effects wowwww, but more improtnatly, the plot was quite simple to follow.

The plot being as I said above, was that a young boy wishes the OPPOSITE of wishes. In that mayhem ensuies when Max's family tree comes, ie the Anuts, Uncles, Counsins etc., So in a fit, he rips up Santas's letter and trhows into the sky, hence where Krampus comes and causes mayhem. IN the end, it is found that Max recieves a Bauble with Krampus on it. We all thoguht it was a dream, however whne its realised that it wasn't, who knew. Something tells me a SEQUEL might be on the cards.


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