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All is fair in love and war in the CW's Latest heart-stopping trailer for 'The 100' Season 3!

The 100 fans were left broken hearted as they watched Clarke walk away from Bellamy as she headed out on her own into the woods with vengeance and grief on her mind.

Clarke and Bellamy worked together to kill the Mountain Men that were holding the Sky People captive after Lexa fooled them into a fake alliance to save the Grounders. So where did Clarke to go? How would Bellamy lead the Sky People all alone? Would Lexa get away with her crime? All these answers and more came with the long awaited full length trailer for The 100 Season 3.

The trailer shows Clarke, with a very new look, confronting Lexa, who at one point professed her love for her. She also reunites with Bellamy and Octavia, who are having their own problems as Octavia pledges herself to the Grounders. There is a new big bad within the sky people, Sons of Anarchy's Michael Beach, who vows to protect only his own with clearly violent consequences.

Clarke seems to have been living within the Ice Nation, another clan of Grounders, and in a sexy clip has maybe even found herself a new love interest. It seems some of our favorite alliances may fall as well with Octavia declaring to her brother that he is dead to her after she beats him to a pulp. We also get to see just how hard it's been on the Sky People since Clarke left, with Jasper and Monty struggling to come to grips with their time in the mountain, while Raven also comes to grips with her new disability.

Here Are My Top 10 OMG! Moments from 'The 100' Season 3 Trailer:

1. Bellamy and Clarke reunite!

Bellarke fans rejoice! Though the two parted ways when Clarke abandoned her camp, she returns and right into Bellamy's arms... though a lot has changed.

2. Octavia kicks Bellamy's a**

WHAT!? NO! There are sacred things you don't touch on this show and Bellamy and his sisters relationship is one of them! This better get resolved or else!

3. Lexa returns

Lexa may be back but don't get too excited, because Clarke sure isn't. Lexa almost killed Clarke and her people after tricking them into being trapped with the Mountain Men. However another scene in the trailer shows Clexa riding side by side as they discover a field of bodies... so hmmmmmm.

4. Jasper breaks down

Ok, you can mess with a lot of people, but come on, Jasper? The sweet dorky boy who fell in love only to watch her die in his arms? Jasper seems broken beyond repair. Can he find himself again with Clarke's help in Season 3?

5. Murphy has a girlfriend

I have a love/hate relationship with Murphy, and the idea of him having a love interest, much less that person being a Grounder, is literally LIFE for me!

"Where I'm from when people leave, they don't come back."
"I did."


6. Abby and Marcus FINALLY

Speaking of love interests, the budding relationship between Marcus and Abby may finally happen! It's only been in the works for years, and this kiss should have happened long ago. I hope it lasts though, as nothing in The 100 ever really does.

7. That back though

Sorry shippers, this is NOT Lexa's back in bed with Clarke. In fact, it looks more like Clarke's back and blonde dreadlocks. Regardless I feel pretty confident this is not the scene Clexa shippers are hoping for... but now the question is, who's back is that? If you ask me, that's Clarke.

8. Queen Clarke

All hail Clarke. No matter what throne she is taking, she is taking one. Clarke enters in her new Grounder look and with a face of determination. Some fans are even speculating that Lexa may die this season and Clarke will take her place! EEEKKK! Regardless, loving Clarke's new badass look!

9. Bellamy goes to the dark side?

Bellamy has always done what he feels is best to protect his own. With Clarke gone, it appears he begins to lean on the ways of a new eccentric character played by Son's of Anarchy's Michael Beach. He preaches death, believing all Grounders are evil and must be destroyed! Bellamy, you KNOW BETTER!

10. Jaha Returns to the Arc with the A.I.

"Ride out the nightmare..."

In perhaps one of biggest puzzlers at the end of Season 2, Jaha comes upon an A.I. woman who says she's been waiting for him and soon reveals a nuclear device to him. We don't see much of anything in the trailer to tie up those loose ends except a clip of the woman leading Jaha back to the Arc telling him "Welcome home." Also in the trailer is what looks like a peak into the A.I. woman's past when she was alive, and how she was told it's her duty to fix what she broke in humanity. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!

So, after all this what we do know from 'The 100' Season 3 trailer?

  • Season 3 takes place about 2-3 months after the end of Season 2
  • Clarke is with the Ice Nation (or at least was when on hiatus)
  • Clarke and Lexa do meet again, but that's NOT Lexa in bed with Clarke
  • The new big bad is a Sky Person!
  • Marcus is imprisoned
  • The A.I. woman ALIE may be a part of what destroyed the world forcing many to escape to space
  • Murphy joins the Boat people
  • Bellamy is a part of some scheme against the grounders that turns Octavia against him
  • Clarke takes a throne, which one, we don't know
  • Octavia and Lincoln are OK! Linctavia shippers rejoice
  • Raven is forced to undergo something painful at the hands of ALIE

The 100 Season 3 trailer did NOT disappoint but there still are so many unanswered questions?!

'The 100' returns to the CW January 21st, 2016!


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