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So, 2015 is very quickly coming to a close. Whether it was a good year for you or a bad year, it was definitely an interesting one in terms of social and news events. Since 2010, sharing site Youtube have been compiling a montage of these various events, trending topics and popular videos and forming Youtube Rewind, and this year is no different. Here is a look at some of the events that have been included in this year's video.

Before I begin, I would like to mention that, because some videos and events won't have been known or seen by everyone, I will only be looking at the content that I know and recognize. However, this can lead to a great discussion! So please let me know what you liked about the video and which aspects of it you recognized.

The Legalization Of Same-Sex Marriage In USA

The video opens with a rainbow image behind Youtuber Superwoman. The rainbow represents the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) and is featured because same-sex marriage was legalized in America in June of this year. The movement to gain legalization has been going since the 1970's, so this is understandly a huge achievement.

Left Shark

The Internet can do great things; and it can conjure up completely bonkers content too. An example of this is Left Shark. Left Shark (or as he's known by his human name 'Bryan Gaw') was a backing dancer for Katy Perry's Superbowl performance. Dressed as a cartoony-looking shark, he became internet famous for seemingly dancing out of sync with the other backing dancer, who was also dressed as a shark. The next day, memes and pictures appeared of the shark and continued to for the next few weeks/months.

Shia LaBeouf's 'Motivational' Speech


This was a video that seemed to come out of nowhere. Shia's 'motivational' speech involved him standing in front of a green screen and shouting at the camera. Examples of what he teaches is: 'JUST. DO. IT!', 'MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!'. It was supposed to be motivational, but actually came across as hilarious/creepy/disturbing *insert another word here other than motivational*. If you want to see the original video, click below.

(Loudness warning for headphone users)

This video is actually part of a short film called Introductions, that was co-created by Shia and collaborated with Fine Arts students at Central Saint Martins University in London, England. I've included the full short film below as I can't really explain what it's about...mainly because I do not know!

Kung Fury

This is another one that seemed to have come out of nowhere. Released on 22nd May, Kung Fury is a short film written, directed by David Sandberg and stars David Hasselhoff. The plot you ask? Well....erm....I'm going to have to actually copy the plot off its Wikipedia page as I can't really explain it simply.

Sometime in the early 1980s, Miami-Dade Police Department detective Kung Fury and his partner Dragon apprehend a red ninja in a back alley, but Dragon is sliced in half by the ninja while Kung Fury is suddenly struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra, giving him extraordinary kung fu powers that enable him to defeat his foe. Years later in 1985, after defeating a rogue arcade machine robot, Kung Fury quits the force when he is assigned to partner with Triceracop, fearing that he would lose another partner in the line of duty. Meanwhile, Adolf Hitler, a.k.a. "Kung Führer", enters the timeline and remotely guns down the police chief and attacks the precinct through a mobile phone. Intent to avenge the chief, Kung Fury has computer whiz Hackerman send him back in time to kill Hitler in Nazi Germany. A glitch in the system, however, sends him back into the Viking Age. After Kung Fury meets the Viking valkyries Barbarianna and Katana, the Norse god Thor sends him to Nazi Germany for him to finish his job.

Upon his arrival, Kung Fury singlehandedly mows down dozens of Nazi soldiers with his kung fu skills, but is gunned down by Hitler using a Gatling-type gun from inside his podium. Suddenly, Thor, Hackerman, Triceracop, the Viking Babes, and a tyrannosaurus hack into the timeline and kill the rest of the Nazi army while the tyrannosaurus squares off against Hitler's robotic Reichsadler. After being revived by Hackerman, Kung Fury gives Hitler an uppercut before Thor drops his hammer on the Nazi leader and his robotic eagle. Seeing his mission as accomplished, Kung Fury returns to his timeline.

Back in 1985 Miami, Kung Fury once again battles and defeats the arcade machine robot, but notices a Swastika on the robot's body while Hitler and his Reichsadler enter the timeline, vowing revenge on Kung Fury.

Do you see what I mean? But its craziness was what made it popular; it started as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2013, with its target goal being $200, 000; it exceeded this goal and raised $630, 019.

Five Nights At Freddys (And Markiplier's First Rewind!)


Who doesn't know about this game by now? This indie horror game was created by Scott Cawthon and is a point and click-style game set in a Pizzeria. The player is given the role of the restaraunt's nightguard and is told to watch the security camera's. The player is also informed that the location's animatronics come to life during the night and, if you don't keep them away from you, they will kill you. This gained popularity through Youtube playthrough videos. One of the most well-known playthrough series was done by Markiplier. At the time of typing this article, Mark's FNaF video has gained over 42 million views. This also means that Markiplier makes his first appearance ever in a Youtube Rewind! Yay!


OH GOD THIS! Back in February, a photograph of a dress appeared on social networking site Tumblr, with the question 'what colour is this dress?'. After numerous discussions (and arguements), people started sharing it on various sites with the same question. The reason it pretty much sent the Internet into meltdown was because people were seeing the piece of clothing in different colours: it was either black and blue or white and gold. For those who completely missed this: well done! However, I am now going to subject you to the original photo and I will ask.....'What colour is this dress?'

The Photo That Sent The Internet Into Meltdown
The Photo That Sent The Internet Into Meltdown

Back To The Future And Youtube's 10th Birthday

Rewind Within A Rewind
Rewind Within A Rewind

As a lot of you know, 2015 was the year Marty McFly travelled to in Back To The Future Part 2. Unfortunately, we didn't get hoverboards, flying cars or Jaws 19 (well, the last part I'm ok with). This year's video also celebrated Youtube's 10th Anniversary and treated us to re-enactments of various viral videos. These included:

Ice Bucket Challenge

The 'Ice Bucket Challenge' started at the beginning of 2015 and was used to raise awareness of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). While the origin of the challenge is not known, it gained the attention of the general public after TV anchor Matt Lauer did the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' on 15th July 2014 on The Today Show. The idea was very simple and effective, due to participants asking their friends or family to take part in the challenge and to donate to the ALS association. By the end of August 2014, the ALS Association announced that their total donations was over $100 million.

Red Bull Stratos

On 14th October 2012, skydiver Felix Baumgartner teamed up with Red Bull in an attempt to break the sound barrier by free falling from 127, 851 ft in a pressure suit. Those who watched the full live stream from the Red Bull website will know he succeeded in this, reaching a top speed of 843.6 mph! He also broke two other world records: these were for the highest altitude jump, and an unofficial record for the highest manned balloon flight.

Double Rainbow

As I've already mentioned, the Internet can conjure up some bonkers content. This is another example. The double rainbow was a viral video that appeared in 2010 and features Paul Vasquez filming a double rainbow from his front garden and getting over-excited about it. At the time of writing, the video has gained over 42 million views and has been spoofed, referenced and even has a song that was created by The Gregory Brothers, which now has over 36 million views.

The Lonely Island

Next up is Smosh and Tyler Oakley re-enacting the video for I'm On A Boat by The Lonely Island and T-Pain. This was released in 2009 from their debut album Incredibad. The music video reached number one on YouTube, and was number one on the iTunes music video chart in the USA. The song itself went platinum and was also nominated for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

Charlie Bit My Finger

The 2015 Edition: Phil Bit My Finger
The 2015 Edition: Phil Bit My Finger

Ouchies! The original video (Charlie Bit My Finger) was uploaded to Youtube on 22nd May 2007 and, even though it's under a minute, has gained over 830 million views as of writing! There isn't really much to say about this video; it's literally Charlie, the younger brother, biting his older brother (Harry's) finger while Harry tries to tell him to stop and that it hurts. The way Harry tells him off is adorable though, and its popularity can not only be seen by the amount of views it's got, but also by the amount of spoofs and references it's gained.

Diet Coke And Mentos Experiments

The Slo Mo Guys Try The Explosive Experiment
The Slo Mo Guys Try The Explosive Experiment

The 'Diet Coke and Mentos challenge/experiment' exploded onto the web in 2005 and has accumulated around 290, 000 videos. The experiment actually started in 1999 when Lee Marek and "Marek's Kid Scientists" performed the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment on the Late Show with David Letterman. Two years later, Steve Spangler, a science educator, did the demonstration on KUSA TV in Denver, Colorado. After that, it became an internet sensation, with videos being uploaded (and still are to this day) of the experiment, as well as programs like Mythbusters trying it.

Evolution Of Dance

The Evolution of Dance was performed by motivational speaker and dancer Judson Laipply; he then uploaded the video to Youtube in 2006. It featured 12 popular dance songs, including Y.M.C.A by The Villiage Boys and Lose Yourself by Eminem. When it was first uploaded, it gained 70 million views in under 8 months. Also at that time, it was rated on YouTube as:

#1 Most Viewed All Time Video on YouTube

#1 Top Rated Video on YouTube

#3 Most Discussed Video on YouTube

At the time of writing, it's earned over 294 million views and a sequel (Evolution of Dance 2) was uploaded in 2009, with a third video announced back in 2010.

People I Recognized (In The Order They Appear In The Video):

Superwoman (

James Corden (

Miranda Sings (

Kurt Hugo Schneider (

John Oliver (

Markiplier (

Smosh Games (

Pewdiepie (

Smosh (

Tyler Oakley (

Danisnotonfire (

Amazing Phil (

The Slo Mo Guys (

The Fine Bros (

Music Tracks That Were In This Year's Rewind:

Cheerleader By OMI

Can't Feel My Face By The Weekend

What Do You Mean By Justin Bieber

Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) By Silento

Leon On By Major Lazer and DJ Snake

If you have not seen Youtube Rewind 2015, you can view it below:


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