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Recently, The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan revealed a brand new hairdo, which she showed off at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball earlier this week, that has sent some fans of AMC's zombie-thriller into a frenzy.

We experienced a situation similar to this when Andrew Lincoln shaved his beard back in 2014. While Lincoln's clean-shaven face had nothing to do with the death of his character, Rick Grimes, some fans of the hit show are still worried that Cohan's new haircut is an indication that her character, Maggie Greene, will be an unlucky casualty in the latter half of Season 6.

While some fans are concerned, it's unlikely that Cohan's new hair style is evidence that Maggie will die anytime soon. In the comics, both Maggie and Glenn cut their hair while transitioning to their new life, so if her new look means anything, it is that we are probably going to see this scene from the comics play out on our TV screens. If that doesn't happen, there's always the option of a wig... right??


Do you think this new haircut is a sign that Maggie is going to die in the second half of Season 6?


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