ByCarrie Frances, writer at

All I can say is wow !

The movie Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is scheduled for release in February of 2016.

I'm not a big fan of zombie movies, but I think this one might just change my mind.

This film is based on Jane Austins' tale Pride & Prejudice. About two lovers from different social classes that overcome trials and tribulations to be together. But wait, this movie has a twist ! Yes it's true, we have zombies in the mix !

The plot :

Two lovers from different sides of the tracks, try to overcome the pride & prejudice of family and friends, along with other obstacles, to be together.

Elizabeth ( main character ) and four sisters live with thier parents. While mom is trying to find eligible and decent suiters for her girls, dad is busy teaching his daughters martial arts and weaponry.

Yes, the girls turn out to be fearsome zombie fighting ninjas !

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is in love with a heroic zombie fighting gentleman and has the delimma of the zombie war she has been trained to fight.

I think this movie has a little of just about everything for just about everyone in it. Along with a very strong yet beautiful female lead character, we have the handsome zombie fighting lover,all captivated in some gorgeous scenery. We have love, opposition, martail arts, weaponry and we cannot forget the Zombie apocalypse !

I think I will get my tickets in advance for this one !


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