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Jonathon Jones

Movies are special. Just because a person is not in a second or 3rd film, doesn't mean that it won't turn out to be a great film. Think about it. Most of the characters are to old to play their counter parts. Some just don't want to come back. Some of them have died and moved on in real life. That's fine with me because fresh faces and younger looking make it all the more special In it's own way. Just watch it for yourself first before you judge. I felt the same way with the past films that made remakes. The second one was awesome. Take star wars for example. Before luke Skywalker was born do you think they would have used him in the phantom menace? The answer is no because that story was about obi one Kenobi and Darth Vader before his time. So before you judge oh this will be a terrible movie be cause a beloved character is not in it. Movies are movies. They are all awesome in there own special way. Just enjoy it or hate it. Just don't make nasty comments. If you don't like it you don't have to like it. No ones forcing you to watch the movie. So far the first one was in 1996. This one is now 2015. So in real life some of them would be dead in real life. Some have died in real life. That's all I have to say


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