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I love Marvel but Dc is doing good too...
Jesse Benedict

So, we know a good amount about the Infinity Stones so far in this journey into the MCU. (Or just two things but who cares!)

1. They will spell out Thanos' name

Of course you've already heard the theory of the Hourglass and Necklace being the "containers" that hold the stones. The Hourglass being Time and the Necklace being Soul in Doctor Strange, doesn't sound to bad right ....

2. They will only work in real Infinty Guantlet ... That's right, you heard correct. Kevin Fiege stated a while back that they're wasn't just one but two Infinty Guantlets.

Another thing, only one the Guantlets is real, so does Odin have a fake ...? The world may never know... Just kidding, you'll probably find out in Thor Ragnarok.

So what do you think about that, whatever it is, let me know in the comments!


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