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Catch up with the latest Hollywood Blockbuster movies in December 2015 to as we give a warm welcome to a new year in the season of winter entertainment. Tune-in to films like Final Destination, Sherlock Holmes, Noah, Mission Impossible 3 and Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Here comes the time of celebrations, vacations and gaiety with the cold winds. There would be Christmas, and New Year and the time to be snuggled up in blankets. Wait up! There is a lot more. Live in the moment with HBO India that brings to you a bouquet of Hollywood blockbuster movies in December 2015 as the year ends on a happy note. Say a pleasant goodbye to the past and be ready to welcome the coming life with a bang. Enjoy the show with the list of films given below that are to feature this month.

Final Destination

It is a 2000 horror thriller movie that explores the theme of fate versus free will. Starring Ali Larter, Devon Sawa and Kerr Smith, it is about a teenager who has a premonition and wants to escape death for himself and his friends using his newly discovered instincts. Although, being an inevitable truth, it claims the lives of many. This teenage thriller keeps the audience guessing with its unending suspense reaching the ultimate climax. The spine-chilling drama runs for 98 minutes to prove that death sets everything right in the end.

The story focuses on young people who try to win over a universal fact but finally face the consequences for disturbing the balance in nature Alex Browning (Devon) is just a high school boy who foresees deaths in a plane explosion and always manages a narrow escape but in vain.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

This Sci-fi movie was made in 2014 and is full of action shots that look so lively in 3D carrying on the legacy of the Transformers series. Michael Bay does full justice to both his direction and the acting skills of Mark Wahlberg. The film is of 165 minutes’ duration and starts with an opening scene that presents the sight of a city seems to have been torn apart after a great war.


Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins join hands for this classic on Noah’s Ark in 2014. Noah (Crowe) has to build an ark as a task assigned by the one who created this universe but he has to finish it before the end of the world at the hands of an apocalyptic flood. Discover the real story of this mythological tale of hope, sacrifice and courage.

Sherlock Holmes

With such esteemed star cast including Robert Downey Junior, Rachel McAdams and Jude law, the film catches your attention. Guy Ritchie made this film in 2009 combining the elements of action, adventure and mystery. Robert Downey plays the Sherlock Holmes, an eccentric detective with Dr. John Watson (Law) as his companion. Together they are hired by some secret society to investigate and foil a conspiracy of expansion of the British Empire through supernatural means.

It is in London when both Holmes and Watson are on the verge of finishing a case investigation that a new mystery unfolds. What follows is a chain of events that unearth a big political conspiracy. The story is full of suspense sequences which makes you think about the next unpredictable thing to happen.

Watch the festivities begin with December 2015 box office hits and let the fun roll out. Catch up with HBO India as it may serve you with the best of it to give way to the new itself.


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