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Wonder. Imagination. Holiday cheer. All that Stuff!

That's what Christmas movies are all about. Sure, there a ton of holiday movies that receive their fair share of love this holiday season (maybe even more if you count the dozen or so movies on ABC Family/Freeform which release annually). But for this author's money, there's only ONE Christmas movie that puts me in the holiday spirit. THE POLAR EXPRESS.

1. It's based on an AWESOME book

The Polar Express started life as a picture book written by famed author Chris Van Allsburg. Name sound familiar? It's probably because he's also the creative mind behind Jumanji and Zathura. It's also a quick read, which allows you to appreciate how much thought was put into the movie even more!

2. The soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission

Featuring some monster talent in Josh Groban, Steven Tyler and original music from Alan Silvestri, the soundtrack to The Polar Express is in a class of its own. I mean, who could argue with the fun of 'Hot Chocolate'.

Or the haunting, but moving joy of 'When Christmas Comes To Town'?

3. Tom Hanks puts in WORK

Tom Hanks is one of the most prolific actors of our generation. From Forrest Gump to The Da Vinci Code, Mr. Hanks probably seen and done it all. In The Polar Express, we see his talent go beyond playing a single character. Not only does he voice the Conductor that leads our lead into the wonder that is the North Pole, he also voices the Hobo on top of the train, the main character's father, and Santa Claus himself. Not too shabby, right?

4. It's a movie that has layers

On one viewing, The Polar Express is a just a romp about a boy heading to the North Pole. In another viewing, the Holy Trinity is symbolized by the "Father Christmas" Santa, The Conductor and that "spiritual" Hobo living on top of the train. In yet another viewing, The Polar Express is a tale about how far your imagination can lead you if believe in something just beyond your comprehension.

In that regard, it allows everyone to think back to a time where they had their own form of Christmas spirit. It's become required viewing during the holiday season, and it's easy to see why. Check out the trailer.


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