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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
Walter Ng

Twice I've watched this movie trying to see if my opinion on it changes and it hasn't.

First the good, the visuals are pretty, I found it interesting that the contrast was a dark time in our past; World War 2, and then the next world is Neverland the magical place with fairy dust, and flying and whatever. Anything else? Nope.

The acting is pretty poor, but I'll give a pass to the children actors, as they probably had poor direction. But the other actors, are just bland.

Black Beard is the generic bad guy, I actually honestly think the one from Pirates was even better, and Johnny Depp as Hook should have been awesome but instead, he's like an Indiana Jones or something. And I think that's one of the biggest problems of this movie. It takes too much time setting up a simple plot thread, with action scenes that look like it's been taken from Michael Bay's sketch book, and it "borrows" too much, with either the cliches or the literal movies.
Pan looks and literally sounds like Oliver Twist, heck, I dare say that was probably the footage, they just took it, redone the backgrounds and the people and slapped it on the first scene.
My next problem is definitely the music.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that Peter Pan is from a book and it was made into a musical, and that's all fine and good, but seriously the musical numbers don't make sense, and how Peter can fly is one bookmarked page from Star Wars called the Midichlorians it's just so stupid, they don't explain how the parents even meet, and why they wanted to fight the war, yeah, there's just one line explaining it and that's it. And there's another thing i don't feel for the characters, and every time there's a cliche I cringe especially the big one.

You all know what it is, say it with me, it's in all the fucking action movies, Narnia, Harry Potter, etc., yeah, it's the chosen one. Now I didn't use to hate the chosen one story line as I thought like it's good to see how the character, adapts to hurdles and whatever, but the thing about it is it's been over used and there are actually consequences to putting that much pressure, especially on a kid. And seriously, Smee sounds like if Snow White was made for just the dwarves, and honestly Smee is definitely Doc, heck, I even dare say he might've played Doc.

Ohh.... Where else? There's a betrayal scene not once but twice, yes, we've been down here before, and by the way speaking of Smee being Doc, the kids are literally mining for fairy dust why? They brush it off. And oh, did I mention that they stole Percy Jackson's ability? Yeah, apparently Peter can read fairy language in English...., really?

She's a full grown woman.... Oh, I know you thought she was a small little fairy and that she actually fell in love with him, but no, it's not that. She and the rest of the cast are just expositional material, yeap, just "hey, you need to do this, and not have any doubt" Oh and by the way, regarding Black Beard, he over acts, and i don't even mind that because, it just doesn't matter anymore.

This movie can't be touched with a ten-foot pole, and if you're looking for a dumb movie without a proper story line, and a plot line that will make you walk out the moment Peter says the line" Where is the bacon?", yes it's that random, then it's a movie for you.

Or, if you want something interesting and moving and intriguing it's not this movie, this movie has just a quarter of intrigue and nothing more. And like Peter said, "I believe...", that this movie was a load of crap


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