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When Alan crash landed in 1995, there were plenty of things he had to learn about the modern world from Judy and Peter, but times are a changing and here are a few modern phenomenons about 2015 this noble savage would need to survive a fresh new era.

20. Smart Phones

Remember how you always dreamed of calling your loved ones face-to-face? Yep, you can do that now, but we still write to each other like we did in your time.

19. Botox

You know how Betsy from school looks like she's had her features peeled off and glued onto an immobile plastic surface that used to be her face? Yep, that's botox.

18. Netflix and Chill

If someone asks you to 'Netflix and chill,' that's not really what they mean...

17. Justin Bieber

We used to hate him because he pissed in a mop bucket, lobbed eggs at a neighbor's house and was kind of a dick to Selena Gomez, but then he wrote a couple of good songs and now we just love to hate him.

16. Hoverboards

If you're under 20, live in L.A. and have more money than sense, you use one of these instead of feet. It's not as effective, but it does glow, so who cares!

15. Star Wars

This is all everyone is talking about right now, so you might as well watch all the movies immediately before even bothering to talk to anyone.

14. Twerking

Don't worry! She's not having a seizure, it's just a dance!

13. Man Buns

I can't believe you never thought of this in the jungle, to be honest.

12. Selfie Sticks

Sometimes you're arms just aren't long enough to get a picture of your own face.

11. Memes

If you put white writing on something, it's very, very funny.

10. Hotline Bling

People love Drake, but if you dance like this at a club, you'll probably be thrown out for suspected drug abuse.

9. The Kardashians

Once upon a time there was a woman named Kris who loved money and had four beautiful daughters. With the combined powers of butts, botox (see above) and business savvy they somehow ensured their faces are on about 65 percent of tabloid front pages. Nobody really understands how.

8. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

The youngest of the Kardashian litter has a powerful pout on and some not so bright teenagers were willing to suction their lips into bleeding slugs to mimic it.

Wait, don't go back to Jumanji! You've just got out!

7. Tinder

A modern day mating ritual involving a complex system of flattering angles and fluttering fingers. Swipe left for Van Pelt and right for Sarah Whittle. Oh, and don't wear a fedora.

6. 'On Fleek'

"WHOAH! The carving of those ancient game pieces is on fleek!"

5. Tattoos

Nope, people aren't compulsorily branded with infinity symbols, compasses, roman numerals and dreamcatchers these days, that's just the fashion.

4. 'Lumbersexual'

Basically, you when you left the jungle, but better smelling. That's sexy now.

3. Twitter

Celebrities aren't all glossy and untouchable anymore, they're really weird and communicate with their fans in messages 140 characters long.

2. Immortal Keanu

The Changing Face Of Keanu Reeves!

Like we needed more proof he's an immortal vampire! #MPOriginal

Posted by Moviepilot Video on Monday, 14 December 2015

You remember how Keanu Reeves looked when back when you were sucked into Jumanji? Well, turns out he's immortal so he looks exactly the same now.

1. Facebook

Remember everyone you used to know? You can relentlessly stalk them now and it's perfectly legal!


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