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It's hard to believe The Emperor's New Groove came out 15 years ago, and frankly it makes us feel as old as Yzma. It's really one of the funniest Disney movies out there, and it deserves all the love and attention it can get, but unfortunately it's overlooked by many. But Tumblr knows how brilliant it is! Here are 11 times the wonderful world of Tumblr showed us all why The Emperor's New Groove should be more appreciated.

1. That time they made us feel a little better that there is no Latino Disney princesses

Let's be honest: Kuzco is every bit as fabulous as a princess! (We still want a Latina princess though, so get cracking Disney!)

2. When they realized we all have days when we feel like Kuzco

Those days are the best days.

3. When they pointed out that the movie was ahead of its time

As much as we loved Inside Out we can't deny that this was the original.

4. When they gave this line cult-like status

If I had a dime for every time I saw a reference to this on Tumblr I'd be richer than Kuzco.

5. It even works in real life

I'm definitely doing this the next time I visit a water park.

6. When they realized they had all become Kuzco

This can not be unseen.

7. When they came to the conclusion that Yzma is running for president


8. When this happened

I thought Yzma couldn't get any better and then I saw this. Perfect!

9. When they applied theatrical terms to this hilarious scene

This just further proves that this is the funniest Disney movie of all time.

10. When they came to this conclusion

Let's face it, we are all Yzma. Except for the days we are Kuzco of course.

11. When they pointed out that Kronk is the best

I would trust Kronk with my life. (Well, as long as no levers are involved.)

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