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Naturally, spoilers for Season 1 of 'Supergirl' lie ahead. Proceed with caution!

Did you catch last night's episode of Supergirl: 'Hostile Takeover'? That final fight scene was badass, and quite impressive! It's good to see a superhero television show where the subordinate characters also play a role in the fight scenes and don't rely entirely on the heavy-hitter.

Anyway, we're not doing an episode breakdown, you're here for references and easter eggs. So, did you catch 'em all? More importantly, did you spot any more?

1. Opal City

This is just a small one, but interesting for any fans of DC comics, who may have noticed the reference to Opal City, yet another fictional city which exists within DC comics.

Opal City is written to have been founded in 1864 and is the home of Jack Knight, a.k.a. Starman. In Supergirl it is also described as the home of Cat Grant's son Adam. Interestingly, the city has been mentioned in both Arrow and The Flash; it's understandable that the three shows would have common references, but it's surprisingly uncommon.

2. "Guardian Angel"

As you undoubtedly know, Cat Grant is now fully aware of Kara's Supergirl identity. Frankly I was surprised that the ace former-journalist didn't discern the whole thing sooner, but then again, I was surprised that everyone didn't figure it out pretty quickly. Do they not have facial recognition in the DCEU, or the ability to recognize someone who's simply donned a pair of specs?

Anyway, I digress... Cat now knows Kara's identity and as she was putting the final pieces together she referred to the not-so-secret superhero as her "guardian angel." This seems like a reference to the earth born Angel, Linda Danvers, created during the Supergirl reign of John Byrne.

I doubt this was anything other then a reference, however if there's even a minuscule chance we'll see Kara with wings of fire I'm entirely on board!

3. Dirk Armstrong

Just another small one here, but Dirk Armstrong, whom you'll notice was the evil embodiment of white male privilege in this episode, is a character derived from DC comics. Dirk was a conservative reporter who repeatedly found himself at odds with the highly liberal Clark Kent and Perry White.

I doubt they're going to turn Armstrong into a regular villain... or y'know, a villain at all, but it was an interesting reference within the episode; that, and it gave 'Hostile Takeover' some serious validity.

4. Adam Foster

By now we all know that Adam Foster will be joining the show, played by none-other than Blake Jenner, Melissa Benoist's real life husband.

Blake Jenner is set to play Cat Grant's estranged son, who in the comics was referred to as Adam Morgan. The big question is: will Adam serve as a new love interest for Kara? If so, I can imagine that her relationship with Cat would be put under severe strain; a real shame after all that hard work!

5. RAO

Finally, there was a reference this episode to RAO, the prime Kryptonian deity. RAO is also the name of the Krypton's red sun, named as such due to RAO originally being labelled the god of the sun. Although by the end Kryptionian's mostly worshiped science, there were still 'RAOists' in their society.

RAO has actually appeared as a humanoid character in the DCEU, most recently as villain in JLA: Justice League of America.

It's unlikely we'll see such a character appear in CBS's Supergirl, but you never know!


What did you think of 'Supergirl': 'Hostile Takeover'?

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