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Star Wars merchandise is set to earn billions off the back of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Being the legendary franchise that it is, the amount of memorabilia and merchandise that casual and mega fans can get their greedy paws on is already extensive. Many merchandise come in the usual form of plastic figurines and bed covers, while other items can definitely be considered to push the boundaries of what a franchise is able to brand.

Here's a round up of 20 pieces of Star Wars merchandise that may blow your mind, that you don't need by any means, but will so definitely want.

1. A Jedi must keep hydrated

2. It works because anything light saber related is good

3. A genuinely smart idea

4. Grapes are green, Yoda is green, go figure...

5. These are a few of my favorite things

6. Yasss already ordered

7. When your mom finally realized how she would get you to eat dinner

8. Guaranteed to make you smile every morning

9. Appropriate for Intergalactic Travel

10. This is why I wanted to be a rich kid

11. Interesting pose, 3CPO

12. Totally apt for anyone in their 20s or 30s

13. Your choice of fast food says a lot about who you are

14. The only hope, if you want your cookies really Chewie

15. Genius Exogorth oven mitt

16. This one solves many an existential question

17. Mind blown

18. Why is this not my idea?

19. Such adorbs

20. 100% yes rate


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