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Mona Torgersen

If you're looking for comedic gold, look no further! Over the weekend the hashtag was created, and some of the contributions are absolutely hilarious.

Check out 16 of the best:

1. A lot of people take the Ice Bucket Challenge. It Doesn't End Well.

2. A love triangle between an eighteen year old girl, a hundred year old guy and a dog

3. Talking frog convinces son to kill his dad

4. Guy wants to bone Siri

5. American invades foreign land, kills local leadership, struggles to find exit strategy

6. Kid comes out of the closet

7. Burn victim donates time to help make dreams a reality for teens in a small Midwestern town

8. Small town doctor brings three people closer together

9. Cultural appropriation in space

10. Rebellious teen with body dysmorphia disfigures herself in order to get dick

11. Noseless guy has an unhealthy obsession with a teenage boy

12. Weed-smoking old man sends young boy into volcano

13. Slave laborer escapes sweatshop to search the city for the parent who abandoned him

14. Drugged up lunatic slowly kills children in front of their parents

15. A young man forcibly binds other men and photographs them for money

16. Miserable billionaire terrorizes mentally ill man


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