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Now that Telltale Games, the storytelling masters behind the episodic Walking Dead, Borderlands, and Game of Thrones games, is turning its gaze upon Gotham City and its watchful protector, I can't help but feel buoyed because this honestly feels like an utterly perfect pairing of developers and IP.

Telltale's skill at weaving intricate and detailed storylines mixed with the taut and thrilling adventures of the Dark Knight means we're definitely in for a wonderfully candid journey through the trauma and crises it takes to make a Batman.

But what story will Telltale tell? Will we be getting yet another origin story filled with devils dancing in the pale moonlight and the death of the parents Wayne, or will we be hopefully skipping that and jumping behind the cowl as year one Batman or a more experienced hero?

Here's what I think we'll be seeing in their new Batman game:


The magic of Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy is that they brought the brawn and bruises of a very physical Batman, with some superior gadgets thrown in for good measure (Batmobile excluded). But with Telltale's experience in creating epic point and click adventures, their series is going to be all about the Dark Knight's rippling brain cells.

Seeing as the trailer is seemingly relying quite heavily on the smoky, noirish world the Batman should be embroiled in, if they use any Bat-story as grounding for the narrative, I think Telltale may decide to pepper the game with subtle hints of Batman: Broken City.

Broken City follows the hero as he attempts to track down those complicit in the death of Elizabeth Lupo. He eventually comes across some of the most realistic iterations of his classic Rogue's Gallery, such as Killer Croc, Penguin, the Ventriloquist and of course the Joker. But what stands out most is while Batman is amidst his investigation, he comes across a orphaned child whose story closely resembles the loss of his family.

Killer Croc
Killer Croc

I think this storyline could work wonders due to how you can play with the narrative beats. We could start off with a Batman fresh into his reign who attempts to track down the murderer of Lupo, or another young character, but then stumbles upon the orphaned child which leads into a tangent where we play through key moments in young Bruce Wayne's life.

Like his parents' murder, finding the Batcave, meeting Gordon for the first time, etc. With us being able to influence the relationships through the story. Would your Batman be a hero or a vigilante in the eyes of the law?


Dare I say it, but I think it's high time the Joker had a rest. Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy utilized the Crown Prince of Crime to his most menacing capabilities, and the results were awesome. They even made Scarecrow look like a badass. But there are hundreds of other heinous members of Bats's Rogue's Gallery that deserve a run out.

Matt Hatter
Matt Hatter

Like the Mad Hatter, for example, who just happens to be one of my favorite villains. Imagine a spate of strange murders of dignitaries have taken place around Gotham and the perpetrators, caught at the scene, have no memory of carrying out the acts. How will Batman find a villain he doesn't know exists and probably even messed with his mind?


Or the Riddler? Imagine a move away from the annoyingly numerous Riddler side missions in the Arkham games, and into a more quintessentially Telltale point and click, puzzle beating mechanic. I'd definitely love to see more of the Riddler, due to the enthralling battle of wits that would ensue, but the question remains:

What about you?


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