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What better than sitting on Santa's lap and telling him what you want for Christmas?

Sitting on Deadpool's lap, that's what!

Ryan Reynolds showed off his holiday spirit and did just that. My question for Reynolds is if Deadpool thought he was naughty or nice.

"I'm just like everyone else at this time of year: I go to malls, find a crazy man screaming in a red costume, sit on his lap, and tell him to give me free stuff."

Christmas Day this year isn't only a time to celebrate with family and friends; it is also the release of the brand-new Deadpool trailer. Leading up to the trailer release is the 12 Days of Deadpool promotion, with new snippets of the movie being released daily until the film comes out.

Monday, January 14th kicked off the 12 Day of Deadpool with an exclusive poster debut.

Is that a gun, or are you just happy to see me?

In case you haven't seen their first trailer, be sure to check it out here:

Can February 12th roll around already so I can finally see the hilarity and badassery that will be Deadpool?

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