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Now, there aren't too many absolute truths in this world - with the vast majority of those we label fundamental in reality being as subjective as any other. Just what those true truths are is, of course, a matter for philosophers, and thankfully so. There is, however, one absolute that just might be uncontroversial enough to be universally accepted: Fan-drawn cartoon versions of beloved superheroes are always awesome.

Which is, of course, why it's so exciting to stumble across great new examples of the craft - like, for instance, the work of Spain-based character artist Corey Smith. Because, y'see:

These Cartoon-Style Superheroes are Demonstrably Awesome

I mean, just look at 'em...

Not only is Cap channeling his inner Mr. Incredible, but...

Luke Cage is Rocking the Disneyfied Look

Wolverine Looks Surprisingly Lethal, Even as a Cartoon

And, of course...

Superman is...Well, Superman...

Now, of course, Smith is arguably far more experienced than your average fan artist, what with his ten-plus years experience in illustration and graphic design and his working as an artist and all - but that doesn't in any way lessen the visible love and noble geekery that's gone into the making of the images above.

Nicely played Mr. Smith. Nicely played...

What do you reckon, though?



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