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I am an avid movie watcher. I love all genres of movies, old and new, big blockbusters and straight to dvd. However, horror films are my fav
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Horror movie fans know how annoying some cliches can be. Such as, characters yelling "Hello", expecting the film's killer to respond. This is when we start yelling at the film's characters for being so stupid. As fans of the horror genre we understand certain rules must be followed for survival. These are five cliches that I find to be the most annoying in the horror genre.

The Classic Trip and Fall Over Nothing

In many horror films we have a chase scene. A character is chased by the film's villain and for some unknown reason they trip and fall. After falling you think they would jump back up and keep running, but of course that doesn't happen. The character has to crawl a few yards before getting back up or getting killed. It seems that they always trip over nothing but air. I've ran, jogged, walked, and sprinted my whole life and I've never tripped over the air. I would be super focused if a killer was running after me. Stop tripping over nothing, you'll live longer!

Head Towards Safety, Duh

People in horror movies always seem to head towards the most dangeroIus places. You're being chased by a killer, why would you head towards the basement that has no way out? Oh I know, let me hide under the bed, they'll never find me here. Run outside, try and find people, or even the police. I wouldn't run upstairs so that I could be trapped in the house with a killer.

Follow Simple Directions

Why is it so hard to follow a simple direction? If your told to stay awake, don't open that door, or don't read from that book, please listen. Horror movie characters would live longer if they listened. I know it would defeat the purpose of the movie in some cases, but when characters we like are killed it's hard not to wish they would have listened.

Car Won't Start

It doesn't matter if you are driving a brand new car, a classic, or a piece of crap, that car isn't going to start when you need it to. Throughout the whole movie it starts fine, but once that killer is chasing you it won't. Once the killer jumps on the car or breaks a window the car starts.

We Should Split Up

One of my biggest pet peeves in horror movies is splitting up. I don't know why characters think splitting up will help their situation. There is a killer after us, we are trapped in an asylum, or we are stuck in a haunted house, lets separate and see what happens. Sticking together would only help them survive. Hey six people against one killer sounds better than taking on the killer one on one. Only the "final girl" can take on the killer by herself, Duh!


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