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Fans have had three months with EA's latest installment in the FIFA franchise. The game received rather positive reviews when it was first released, though ultimately received lower aggregate scores than PES 2016, and lost the Sports Game of the Year award to Psyonix's Rocket League. But how have the last three months been for FIFA 16? How are fans feeling about the latest football sim?

When it comes to our interaction with FIFA 16, we've encountered numerous frustrations and infuriating problems. In order to initiate a discussion on the values of FIFA 16, we thought we'd dive into the game and explore what exactly it is that drives us all crazy.

Problems With FIFA 16: Goalkeepers, Through-balls & More


For fans of the FIFA franchise, these games haven't delivered the level of innovation that they desire and anticipate with every new installment. FIFA 16 is comparatively similar to FIFA 14 ( Fifa 15 just felt like a slightly more polished version of its predecessor) and fans are pretty sick of it. We'd love to hear your thoughts on FIFA 16 3 months after its launch. We'll include a list of our frustrations below. Agree with us, or disagree? Let us know!

  • Goalkeepers are far too good. When it comes to a great football game, we enjoy a decent challenge. But with FIFA 16, the last man can feel so ridiculously overpowered. With this in mind, it can take crossing and dead ball situations out of the game entirely. There's no point in smacking the ball into the box - the keeper is going to get it. Frustrations.
  • One of our writers here cannot abide a feature that he hasn't witnessed since FIFA '02 ("an abysmal excuse for a video game"). Defenders in FIFA 16 can catch the fastest forwards in the game, and it's positively infuriating. The impact engine and rubber banding means that wingers have next to no effect on the outcome of a match.
  • After thoroughly enjoying PES 2016 this year, one aspect about FIFA 16 that drives me insane is its passing. Through balls have been completely destroyed, with the opposing team's defenders almost always grabbing them from you. However, Finesse pass is a wonderful addition and makes up for the staggering slowness of passes. But with the power and speed of the finesse pass tearing across the pitch, be careful who you play that pass to, because certain players won't be able to control it. Great.
  • The UI is terrible. Have to throw that in.
  • "If you're a fan of hogging the ball, tiki-taka style, then this game is for you." Personally, this isn't for me. EA talked about making FIFA 16 a more defense-focused and midfield-focused game. This has dampened the game's appeal when the rest of it feels so arcade-like.

We need more than this in FIFA 17, and we'd love to hear what you think of the game in the comments below!


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