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Films about haunted dolls entrance us all, but many times fall short of our expectations. While at the theater to enjoy Krampus, the trailer for an upcoming film called The Boy came on. Trailers can be misleading, but from that 3 minute clip, it looks like we may finally be getting the creepy doll movie we have all so desperately craved since Annabelle failed to sufficiently scare us.

The Boy was directed by William Brent Bell (The Devil Inside) and stars Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead), Rupert Evans (Hellboy), Diana Hardcastle (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and Jim Norton (Straw Dogs).


Greta (played by Lauren Cohan) takes a job as a nanny to a wealthy family in a remote English town. When she arrives to the house and meets the family, she discovers that their 8-year-old son (Brahms) is not a normal child - he is a doll.

At first, she thinks it is a joke, but the situation is all too real. As it turns out, the real Brahms died in a house fire after the body of a little girl he often played with was found in the woods. Not wanting to lose the job, Greta begins to take it seriously and is given a list of rules that must not be broken (we all know she's going to break them, they always do) to keep Brahms happy.

Right away, Greta begins breaking rules as she thinks that the family is just crazy with grief, but she would soon find out that things aren't always what they seem. Strange, violent events begin to take place and Greta witnesses Brahms moving all over the house. She broke the rules, will she make it out alive?

Why It Could Be the Creepiest Film of 2016

Pediophobia (the fear of dolls) is quite the common phobia amongst many cultures, so the fact that this film features a doll is a great start creepy. The appearance of Brahms is quite unsettling (even to those that do not have a fear of dolls); his cold, dead stare is enough to send chills down anyone's spine and the facial expression is quite off-putting as well (he looks almost angelic, but you know there's something a bit off about him).

From what I have seen in the trailer, The Boy relies heavily on jump scares. Since the film has been given a PG-13 rating (this is the part that concerns me), the jump scare is about the only type of scare that they can use. This is kind of disappointing because there are countless opportunities for a film like this, but they won't be able to capitalize on hardly any of them because of the age-friendly rating. I am confident however that they will utilize the startle factor to bring an amazingly creepy film to the big screen.

I feel that the human qualities that have been given to Brahms will only add to the emotional (and creepy) depth of the film. Chucky could bleed, talk, walk and of course murder, but there is just something about a doll that can cry (with tears) that gives me the heebie jeebies.

I'm not saying this will be everyone's cup of tea and I know it won't come up to par with films like The Exorcist, but I am confident that it will be one of the best (and creepiest) films to be released in a very long time.

Take a look at the trailer and see for yourself.

As long as the trailer is not a build-up to an anticlimactic let down(showing all of the good parts the film and leaving out the boring filler parts), The Boy looks very promising. I know I am more than curious to see if this film will finally lift the stigma of haunted doll films and finally give fans the film that they hoped for with Annabelle.

The Boy come to theaters on January 22, 2016.


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