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In a cinematic world of superheroes, dinosaurs, robots and animated characters I’ve found myself liking non-human characters more than human characters. 2015 was loaded with unique creatures that proved themselves to be three-dimensional, full of surprises and terrifying. These creations are rarely remembered come awards time so I figured I would give them some props and spread the love.

The following post examines my favorite non-human characters.

1. Blue – Jurassic World

Blue was hands down the best part of Jurassic World. I don’t remember any of the humans names but Blue and her crew have stuck around in my memory. Blue has an actual character arc that feels relatable. She seems trustworthy but betrays the humans when she meets the pesky new dominant animal that is loose in the park. However, she totally redeems herself when she fights the Indominus Rex to save her humans. That is awesome!

2. Ava – Ex-Machina

Alicia Vikander needs an Oscar nomination (the Golden Globe nomination is pretty awesome!) for her sly work in Ex-Machina. Ava is artificial intelligence perfected and I love that she plays everybody while seemingly playing nobody. The performance is so layered and Ava might be one of the best written and performed characters of 2015.

3. Bing Bong – Inside Out

Poor Bing Bong. I won’t say more. However, this imaginary friend will break your heart and have you singing a pretty great song. It is hard to recommend Inside Out because I know whoever watches it will need a box of tissues.

4. The Jerky following Creature – It Follows

Where did it come from? Where does it go? You know nothing about the creature from It Follows. In fact, when you think you know the rules it changes everything! This thing leaves more questions than answers and I love that. I also love that you can never relax with it hanging around because it is always walking towards you.

5. The Potatoes from The Martian

I know that The Martian potatoes are only vegetables but they played an important part in keeping Matt Damon alive. The Martian is a fantastic crowd pleaser and without those potatoes it would’be ended in a very depressing manner. Thank you potatoes.


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