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All right, all right, all right, this isn't Star Wars related, I admit. But I won't be able to see The Force Awakens until Thursday night with the rest of the plebes, so bear with me here.

Two weeks ago, a new Batman vs Superman trailer premiered, introducing us to the assumed "big bad" of the movie, Doomsday! (Except he isn't).

This reveal was followed up by the even more dramatic introduction of Wonder Woman, giving us our first image of the Trinity on-screen together:

What do we know so far, then? Batman and Superman fight (a conflict orchestrated by Lex Luthor), with Wonder Woman watching from the sidelines, incognito, in a red dress: a white suit:

...and in a gold dress. (Or is it blue?)

Obviously, Wonder Woman has infiltrated the ranks of men for some reason, and she is keeping a close eye on Batman and Superman. Very likely she knows all their secrets and that's why she is here.

At some point, there is a desert dream sequence or apocalyptic fortress of solitude battle or something, wherein Batman fights Superman soldiers and parademons before being strung up and unmasked by Superman in the basement.

There has been a lot of speculation about this scene and what part it plays in the movie. Is it Batman's nightmare dream? Is it a possible future? Does it portend the arrival of Darkseid?

Adding to the mystery this week, production designer Patrick Tatopoulos, who designed Doomsday (and is working on the Justice League production designs) revealed that Doomsday is not, in fact, the "big bad" of Batman vs. Superman. He explains that Doomsday is part of Luthor's ultimate plan to destroy Superman, which suggests that Luthor is the actual "big bad"...but he also suggests the pacing of the movie will be surprising, so that the story suggested by the trailers is not at all what viewers will experience. It could be that Doomsday (and even Luthor) do not play the large part suggested by the evidence so far.

So, could Darkseid be on the way? It has long been assumed Darkseid would be the enemy that brings the Justice League together, but will he show up in Batman vs. Superman?

I have a suggestion: Darkseid will be a looming presence in the movie, much as Thanos has haunted many Marvel features. Regardless what happens between Luthor and Superman or Doomsday and the Trinity, the ultimate threat is posed by Darkseid and the parademons who will inevitably prepare for his arrival.

Before this trailer was released, it had been theorized that the desert sequence was Batman's nightmare. Now we know that can't be true: after all, how would Bruce know about parademons?

It is more likely the sequence is a prophecy of a possible future: if Batman and Superman remain enemies, the world will fall to Darkseid. My evidence for this is that the scenes are out of context for the rest of the movie: Batman and Superman act out of character (Batman snaps a neck, Superman embraces an army of loyal humans) and the historical references do no align with any other scene in the trailers. Further, the parademons seem to be allied with Superman, suggesting (as has happened in the comics before) that Darkseid, in this possible future, has turned Superman into his own personal soldier of destruction.

If so, it makes sense that the prophecy came from an oracle in Themyscira, prompting Wonder Woman to return to the world of men, disguised as Diana Prince, to ensure that Superman and Batman become allies in time to face off against a coming threat so treacherous that even the Amazons at risk.

After all, why else would the gods send their greatest warrior to meddle in the lives of mere mortals?


Who do you think is the real "big bad" of BvS?


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