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There have been so many Pokemon games over the years. In fact, there's been over 50 titles across 10 different consoles since 1996. That's a lot of games to choose from (though in fairness you can probably ignore quite a few of them). But one of the most innovative entries into the franchise's history - at least conceptually - is to be the upcoming augmented reality game, Pokemon GO.

Additionally, we're waiting for Nintendo to announce the sequel to the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games on the 3DS. Promising titles lie on the horizon! But can they join the Pokemon hall of fame?

Pokemon Z & Pokemon GO - Can They Live Up To The Hype?

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Obviously, Pokemon Z isn't a confirmed title. But we all know that a follow-up to the wildly successful Pokemon X and Y is sure to happen. Pokemon GO on the other hand is a game that could potentially disappoint us. Players are remaining cautiously optimistic prior to its release date. But we sincerely hope that it can join the ranks of the best portal Pokemon games out there.

The Best Portable Pokemon Games


When it comes to portable Pokemon games, there are some truly remarkable titles to chose from. These games have been extraordinarily successful for decades! Therefore, it can be hard to pick the best of them. But here's our list of the three best Pokemon games for Pokemon GO and Pokemon Z to beat!

Pokemon Blue (Generation I)

What a day it was when this was released in the West. Every single person in my class had Pokemon Blue or Pokemon Red. People who didn't play video games got involved with the first generation! These games created a worldwide phenomenon, and they're still pretty great to this day. But we also have tremendous respect for Pokemon Yellow, as it's the definitive Pokémon game experience for any Post 90's generation child that grew up watching the Pokémon cartoon. It also a surfing mini-game.


Pokemon Crystal (Generation II)

The second generation of Pokemon games improved on what came before in so many ways! Adding for the first time the choice of gender for the main character, an additional Suicune centric plot, and the battle tower, Crystal adds more replay value to an already packed instalment. I couldn't agree more with Kotaku on this front:

Bringing back Brock and allowing the player to fight Red was just a dynamite concept of fan service, and giving Red a Pikachu was definitely a great shout out to the Anime/Manga fans. Plus the cell phone system allowed trainers to be battled again, resulting in more replay value.
Pokemon Liquid Crystal
Pokemon Liquid Crystal

Pokemon X (Generation VI)

Bigger, better, and stronger than anything we've ever seen with a Pokemon on the cover, Pokemon X and Y are fantastic adventures that demand to be a part of your collection on the 3DS. It wasn't a revolution for the series, but it was certainty a regeneration. It infused classic gameplay with life and excitement again, and gave fans enough variations on a tried and tested formula to make it an essential purchase.

Can Pokemon Z or Pokemon GO really rival these experiences? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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