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In all the madness with film studios dropping trailers for next year's biggest blockbusters over the past week or so - everything from [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) to Tarzan, Independence Day: Resurgence to Batman vs Superman - it would've been easy to miss MTV's ingenious Teen Wolf promo...

Those who did catch it were treated to an intriguingly cryptic series of hints at what's going to be going down in Beacon Hills from January.

In advance of season 5B, an epic puzzle of 100 pieces was dispatched across social media, and unsurprisingly it didn't take long for the pieces to be put together to form this glorious, twisted, almost biblical piece of art...

Bodies piled upon bodies, the artwork is a picture of carnage, perhaps a nightmarish vision of what's to come in Beacon Hills. You can view the full fresco in HQ right here. Let's take a look at some of the clues the artwork packs for the eagle-eyed...

Who's got Malia in a chokehold?

Assuming that's Malia Tate, who's the woman with her hands wrapped around her throat? We know that Malia's mother, the Desert Wolf, has a mysterious and seemingly unstoppable desire to see her daughter killed, but the older woman in the portrait doesn't look all that much like the Desert Wolf.

The Dread Doctors

The three-man team of sadistic scientists known as the Dread Doctors have been wreaking their havoc, for reasons not entirely known, throughout season 5. Now check out this close-up of a masked figure positioned just above Stiles...

He seems to be in possession of a third eye. Is there a fourth Doctor we've yet to meet, or is this guy a new addition to their cause? Of course, Dr. Gabriel Valack has a third eye, which can't be mere coincidence...

The ominous Heptagram

Did you spot this seven-pointed, self-intersecting symbol hidden in the fresco?

It's called a heptagram, and across various religions and mythologies it has a number of symbolistic readings. For instance, in Christianity it symbolises the seven days of creation and is considering useful in warding off forces of evil.

What exactly it represents in Teen Wolf is anyone's guess, but it's not there for no reason. Perhaps in this case, it's more about seven days of destruction...

Devil's in the detail

It's not just townsfolk present in the fresco. What's the significance of some of these seemingly random inclusions, from Roscoe, the Jeep... the human heart placed deliberately by Lydia's side (not her own)? It's possible that some of the details really are just random, but given how much effort went into this puzzle, I'd say it's more likely that everything is where it is for a reason, even if that reason isn't knowable yet.

There's plenty more going on in the fresco to analyse and dissect, like a skeletal Allison clutching the Argent necklace and a lifeless-looking Coach, but the overall takeaway is that - despite a promise from Jeff Davis that season 5B will be a little lighter than 5A - the coming episodes are building to something dark, bloody, and potentially epic.

What else did you spot, and do you think the art is merely designed to put the frighteners on us, or a true vision of what could play out in season 5's second chapter? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Teen Wolf season 5 resumes on MTV from Jan 5th, 2016 at 9pm.


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