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What is it about action movies and the holiday season? John MacClaine, Riggs & Murtaugh and even John J. Rambo all had their franchises launched with films that take place over the holidays. DIE HARD and LETHAL WEAPON will always be the films that immediately come to mind for the, now adult, children of the 1980s, but to kick off their Holiday Season Extravaganza, the nostalgic movie-loving podcast SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE SLEEPOVERS discusses a seldom mentioned holiday action classic from the good people at Cannon Films, 1985's INVASION USA...starring Chuck Norris. Chuck plays Ex-CIA agent Matt Hunter and he is after a terrorist who plans to destroy America during the holiday season.

For this exciting installment of SNMS, your fearless hosts Dion and J. Blake talk all about Christmas action films, Cannon Films, Chuck Norris, the director Joseph Zito, composer Jay Chattaway and they pose and answer the tough questions...among them: Why has this film fallen through the cracks? Is this the film that solidified Chuck Norris as the ultimate badass? Does a film actually need a plot to be good? Why did this movie traumatize Dion at a young age?

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