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It is totally easy to imagine how manufactured onscreen romance between sizzlingly attractive celebs can turn into the real thing, but it's harder to get to grips with offscreen saucy antics occurring between onscreen siblings. For some reason, imagining wholesome relations fornicating somehow doesn't quite have the same appeal...

Fictional as their familial bonds may be, it still feels a little... icky, doesn't it? But, each to their own. Here's a list of Hollywood celebs that have done the dirty with their onscreen family members.

1. Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter - 'Dexter'

Dated: 2007 - 2010

Serial killer Dexter and his foul-mouthed, adopted, detective sister, Deborah, shared a romantic interest both on and off screen. They eloped in 2008, but unfortunately the show outlasted the marriage and, as both played integral roles, neither could be written out... awks.

2. Chris Pratt and Emily VanCamp - 'Everwood'

Dated: 2004 - 2007

The pair got together while playing brother and sister in Everwood and dated for three years. Although Pratt acknowledged that getting out of the brother and sister mindset was a bit strange a first, he did get tired of people called their relationship "creepy," he told interviewers that:

"We've pretty much gotten used to the response of, 'Eww, that's weird. That's creepy.' The people who know us are happy, and probably expected it to happen eventually. But yeah, every once in a while we get that one person that's like, 'That's really creepy. You just kissed your sister.' We thought it was weird for six months, but it had more to do with just trying to hide our relationship from the set. I don't know why, and looking back on it, it was foolish. But we were trying to stay secretive and didn't want it to get out there. It never really weirded us out that we played brother and sister, because, you know, it's all fiction."

3. Shannen Doherty and Jason Priestley - '90210'

Dated: 1990 - 1991

Shannen Doherty bagged '90s heartthrob Jason Priestley while playing siblings Brenda and Brandon Walsh on hit US soap 90210. After the pair called it quits in 1991 there has been such major drama between them when Priestly wrote about Doherty's diva like behavior in his autobiography.

In return, Doherty implied that her former flame might "remember things differently" due to a traumatic car accident and enraged Priestly with her suggestions he might be mentally impaired. Ouch.

4. Maureen McCormick and Barry Williams - 'The Brady Bunch'

Dated: 1969-1974

In addition to taking his onscreen mother, Florence Henderson, on a date when he was only 15-years-old (she was 36 – is that even legal?!), Barry Williams went on to sweep his onscreen sister, Maureen McCormick, off her feet.

The weirdness of making out with someone you make believe is your brother as a career didn't go unnoticed though, McCormick appeared on Celebrity Fit Club and she said her first kiss with Henderson was:

"long, passionate and deep, but a part of me — a tiny part, admittedly — said to myself, 'Oh my God! I'm kissing my brother. What am I doing?'"

5. Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler - 'Sopranos'

Dated: Unknown/Unconfirmed

I can take a guess as to how Tony Soprano would've reacted to this one. While there were many rumors flying around in 2007 that onscreen brother and sister, AJ and Meadow were dating, it was never confirmed.

6. Katherine Heigl and Jason Behr - 'Roswell'

Dated: 1999-2001

Katherine Heigl and Jason Behr played siblings on Roswell and, although the couple was rumored to be engaged, their love wasn't meant to be and they called it quits in 2001.

7. Ian Somerhalder and Maggie Grace - 'Lost'

Dated: 2006-2007

Not all was Lost on the set of this hit ABC TV show. This pretty pair met on set and started dating just after both characters, Maggie, playing the angst-princess Shannon and her lust-ridden step-brother, were written off.

Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder still remain friends and they were dripping with affectionate words for each other last time they met at Sundance. Maggie didn't hold back when she told interviewers that:

"He's [Ian] so beautiful inside and out! He's quite possibly the most amazing man that's ever walked the planet, it's crazy. I'm so lucky, I love him."

8. Lauren Graham and Peter Krause - 'Parenthood'

Dating: 2010 to present.

When promoting Parenthood, the show in which the couple starred as sister and brother, Peter Krause responded to baiting questions with:

“We keep the two things separate. We don’t call each other by our character’s names at home or anything. Come on!”


9. Shane West and Evan Rachel Wood - 'Once and Again'

Dated: June 2009

The pair starred together in '90s ABC show Once and Again. Unfortunately, the brother-sister thing didn't quite work out for this super quick fling.

10. Selena Gomez and David Henrie - 'Wizards of Waverly Place'

Dated: Unconfirmed

Although it was never confirmed that these onscreen siblings dated, snaps of the teenagers cozying up started plenty of viable rumors about these two having a romance.

It makes sense that the Disney Channel would try to cover up a relationship that some might see as inappropriate, but both Selena and David have never let anything slip.


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